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Feb 16, 2024 • 4 min read • By: Polly Clover

Beer Bath Hydrotherapy: What It Is, Benefits, & FAQs


What is beer bath hydrotherapy? What are its benefits, and how can you experience it? In this article, we’re answering these questions and more. We’ll share where to take a beer bath in Denver and how you can take one at home.

Beer baths have been around for many years, starting in the Czech Republic and making their way around the world. Let’s explore one of the most unique and beneficial spa treatments below.

What is beer bath hydrotherapy?

Beer bath hydrotherapy is submerging yourself in hot or cold water infused with beer ingredients. The purpose is to induce relaxation while simultaneously reducing aches and pains and reaping other wellness benefits.

While beer baths are different everywhere, Oakwell Beer Spa offers an award-winning experience in Denver, Colorado. Oakwell Beer Spa’s beer bath hydrotherapy is in a cedar bathtub filled with a blend of seasonal herbs and beer’s main ingredients, hops and barley.

couple taking a beer bath and drinking from tumblers at Oakwell Beer Spa
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Oakwell Beer Spa

Beer Bath Hydrotherapy Benefits

Beer therapy™ doesn’t just mean enjoying a delicious drink. It can also support healthy skin and hair, pain and stress relief, and relaxation.

As you relax in a warm, bubbly beer bath, you can reap the benefits of beer’s ingredients. Hops are a natural sedative said to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Barley has vitamins and antioxidants, including amino acids, zinc, and B vitamins, that can nourish your hair, skin, and nails.

Supports Skin Health

As you submerge in warm water, your pores open up and soak in beer’s nutrients and antioxidants. A beer bath also cleanses the skin, helping with soft skin, an even tone, and reduced irritation.

Alleviates Muscle Tension

We know how great a warm bath feels. This is because warm water gets your blood flowing, which automatically promotes overall cell growth and improves organ function. Circulation also relieves muscle tension, which is why a warm beer bath can be great if you’re an athlete, work a strenuous job, or are recovering from an injury.

Improves Circulation

Aside from reducing muscle tension, improved circulation can positively impact your body in other ways.

Good circulation allows blood and oxygen to flow through your body more readily, reaching your organs with ease and ensuring optimal function. Simultaneously, it encourages new cell growth while repairing damaged cells, leading to better sleep, the ability to recover from illness, and 

Relieves Joint Pain

People with arthritis treat joint pain with warm water because gravity’s force pushing on joints is released. This is a helpful remedy for joint pain whether or not you have arthritis.

Beer baths that have nutrients that support relaxation and reduce inflammation can also relieve achy joints.

Stress Relief

Do you crave a warm bubble bath after a stressful day? Take it up a notch with beer bath hydrotherapy. Warm water hydrotherapy naturally calms the body, and beer’s relaxation benefits enhance this. 

As we mentioned above, hops are a natural sedative that promote relaxation. Herbal ingredients like citrus and lavender also have calming effects. 

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

While you’re taking a beer bath, dip your hair in the water because beer’s ingredients are good for hair in several ways. Vitamin B conditions hair, which helps reduce frizz and boost shine. Protein in beer may also strengthen your hair, reducing split ends and encouraging growth.

Two couples saying cheers with tumblers and taking a beer bath at Oakwell Beer Spa

Who (Maybe) Shouldn’t Bathe in Beer

Beer baths are a fun and beneficial spa treatment for most people. That said, there are some cases where other spa treatments may be more suitable.

If you’re pregnant or taking medications, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider before taking a beer bath due to the ingredients and warm water. Most spas, like Oakwell Beer Spa, can adjust the water’s temperature if needed.

Prepare for Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa

Use these tips to help you make the most of your beer bath experience:

  • What to wear: The more exposed your skin is to the water and beer bath ingredients, the more you can reap the benefits. Most people wear a swimsuit or their birthday suit, but your comfort is most important! 
  • Shower beforehand: While reputable facilities like Oakwell Beer Spa have a deep cleaning and sanitizing process, it’s best to shower beforehand. Cleansing your skin of dirt, bacteria, and oils can help you better soak in the beneficial ingredients.
  • Stay hydrated: Oakwell Beer Spa’s beverages are meant to help you have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Staying hydrated is also helpful for any spa treatment. You can top off your drink before entering your private Beer Therapy™ Room and use the ring-bell system when you need a refill.
  • Rest: You may want to take a break from your bath, and that’s a-okay. Simply grab a seat on the relaxation deck by your tub until you’re ready to sink back in.

You can also create a beer-infused bath at home with Oakwell Cosmetics’ Herbal Beer Bath Tea and Calming Beer Bath Salts.

Beer Bath Hydrotherapy FAQs

Make the most of your beer bath hydrotherapy with answers to common questions.

Do you actually put beer in the baths?

The beer baths aren’t filled with beer. Instead, warm water is infused with a blend of herbs, hops, and barley. Think of it like a giant beer tea you’re soaking in instead of drinking!

Is there yeast in your beer baths?

There’s no yeast in Oakwell Beer Spa’s beer baths, and the mixture isn’t fermented. 

What are the benefits of beer bath hydrotherapy?

Beer bath benefits include better skin and hair health, relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief, and better sleep.

Is a beer bath better alone or with someone?

Like most spa treatments, you can enjoy your bath alone or with a friend. Oakwell Beer Spa’s beer baths are meant for two people, whether a friend or a significant other. You can also book multiple rooms for a larger group.

Are there rules for taking beer baths?

The most important rule for taking a beer bath is to enjoy your experience. Some beer spas, especially the popular ones in Prague, are more party-oriented. However, Oakwell Beer Spa encourages a relaxing experience and asks guests to be mindful of others who are enjoying a peaceful spa day.

Beer Bath Hydrotherapy: Conclusion

Beer baths are a unique spa treatment that offers wellness benefits. You can unwind while relieving aches and pains, improving your circulation, enhancing your hair and skin, and alleviating stress. 

If you want to enjoy beer bath hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa, book a spa day to enjoy a cozy taproom and private Beer Therapy™ Room.
If you want to create your own beer-inspired bath at home, check out Oakwell Cosmetics for items delivered to your door.

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