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19 Cute At-Home Date Night Ideas to Reconnect and Have Fun


A date night in is sometimes the best way to spend quality time together, especially for busy couples, introverts, or simply wanting to stay home. In this article, we’ll share the best at-home date night ideas, including affordable and unique dates, romantic experiences, and double-date activities.

Whether you have a new love interest, you’ve been together for years, or even if you’re planning a virtual date with your long-distance partner, there’s something for everyone on this list.

1. Have a Movie Marathon

Looking to unwind with your partner? Have a relaxing movie date night–throw on your comfy clothes or PJs, pop some popcorn, and watch a movie or a few. 

For a unique experience, each of you pick a movie and favorite snack for a movie marathon. Take it up a notch with a fun drink recipe for each movie.

2. Start a Couples Book Club

If you and your date enjoy reading, a couple’s book club is a fun way to spend quality time together. This is also perfect for long-distance couples.

Head to the bookstore or order a book online in advance, then schedule a date night or day and read together. 

Make it a thing and schedule your book club date once a week until you’ve finished the book. This is the perfect way to reconnect and give yourselves something to look forward to. 

3. Give Each Other a Massage

One of our favorite romantic at-home date night ideas is giving each other a massage because it’s a fun way to relax, spend time together, and rekindle your romance. Research also shows that giving and receiving couples massages improves your well-being.

person putting oil on hand for at home date night massage

What you need for your at-home couple’s massage:

4. Have a Game Night

Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for years, playing games always makes for a fun date night. Grab a few board games for two, or plan a double to play with friends. Take it up a notch by making cocktails or enjoying wine or beer in Oakwell Cosmetics insulated tumblers.

5. Make a New Recipe Together

Instead of your regular Friday night dinner, change things up and make a new recipe together. Grab a recipe book, check out romantic dinner recipes online, or find a virtual cooking class in your area. Set the tone with candles on the table, or set up your outdoor space for a date night.

6. Set Up a Living Room Fort

One of the best cute home date night ideas is setting up your living room like kids. This is a fun way to get comfortable with a new love interest or reconnect with your significant other. 

Grab some pillows and blankets, turn down the lights, and light some candles. Spend the night cuddling in your fort, reading together, or playing a game.

living room fort for at home date night idea

7. Do a Puzzle Together

If you’re looking for simple, affordable, at-home date night ideas, puzzles are a classic. Challenge yourselves to complete it in a night (or a day). This is also the perfect activity to pair with your favorite snacks and drinks.

8. Create an At-Home Spa

Scheduling self-care can be challenging, so tie it into your date night for a relaxing, romantic experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special day or you want to treat your loved one to some rejuvenation, a DIY spa day is perfect.

Here are some ideas for your at-home spa day:

  • Prepare a delicious beverage
  • Apply a face mask
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Do an at-home manicure and pedicure
  • Give each other a massage

9. Sing Karaoke

Let loose with an at-home karaoke night! Look up the karaoke version of your favorite songs on YouTube. Take it up a notch and grab a couple of microphones before your date. This is a fun date for two or to do with other couples, too.

10. Get Takeout and Make a Sweet Treat

Getting dressed up to go out to dinner is nice, but lounging with takeout is perfect after a busy week. Order your favorite takeout and add some fun to it by preparing a tasty, sweet treat together. Our favorite treats to make at home are ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, or homemade cookies!

11. Put Together a DIY Cocktail Bar

Skip drinks out and make them at home for a unique home date night. Find a cocktail recipe or two, gather your supplies, and set everything out. 

You can play bartender and make cocktails for each other. Get cozy on the couch or create a romantic space outdoors while you sip and chat like you would at the bar. 

12. Create your Own Wine Tasting

Prefer wine over cocktails? Create your own wine-tasting at home. Grab a few bottles of wine or order a wine-tasting kit. This is also good to do with another couple for a double date.

13. Do a Craft Together

Get creative and do a craft together for your at-home date. Whether you have a home project you’ve been talking about, or you like the idea of working on a fun craft kit, there are many ways to execute a craft night.

14. Write Love Letters to Each Other

For a romantic date night, grab some paper and a pen and write each other a love letter. Make a whole experience of it with drinks, appetizers, and music.

Then, share your letters with each other. We love this activity for an anniversary date, couples wanting to spark romance, and even long-distance couples looking for a virtual date idea.

couple reading letter together

15. Learn Your Love Languages

If you and your love haven’t taken the love language quiz, this is a must-do date. It’s also great even if you know your love language but haven’t talked about it with each other. 

The 5 love language concept allows couples to have strong communication skills and a long-lasting successful relationship.

Each partner can take the quiz and share their results with one another. Then, you can share ideas for how you can each make eachother feel cared for. You can also jot these ideas down on pieces of paper to keep in a jar for each partner to pull from when they need a suggestion for showing love to the other.

16. Go Camping in the Backyard

If you enjoy adventure or want to change things up, go camping in the backyard. This is the perfect way to unwind and disconnect without planning a trip.

Create a cozy tent setup, build a fire, and make s'mores. Play games together like 20 questions, would you rather, and truth or dare. 

17. Take a Trip to Another Country – At Home

If you’re looking to spice things up while keeping it simple, take a trip to another country from the comfort of your home. 

Pick a place – Italy, Japan, Mexico – and set up a date night. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Decorate your space to match the country
  • Prepare a local recipe
  • Watch a movie set in that location

18. Plan a Vacation

If you like traveling or want to plan a vacation, spend your at-home date planning your next getaway. Choose a destination, do some research, and start planning your trip. This is a fun way to spend time together, plan for the future, and have something to look forward to.

19. Get a Date Night Subscription Box

Never run out of at-home date night ideas with a date night subscription box. Sign up for recurring date boxes and make it a regular thing. Most come packed with a theme for the month and everything you need for the date. 

Subscriptions like DateBox Club and The Adventure Challenge make it easy to prioritize spending time together. 

How can I make my date night special at home?

Make your date night special by choosing an activity that’s meaningful for you and your partner. Plan ahead so you can both be ready to spend quality time together and prepare any items you may need.

Prioritize your date night and enjoy your experience by scheduling it into your calendar as you do other important events. When it’s time for your date night, try to disconnect from outside distractions like your phone and chores so you can be in the moment and appreciate your time together.

Enjoy Your At-Home Date Night

We hope this list of at-home date night ideas has inspired you to spend quality time with your partner together doing something new and exciting. Whether you’re interested in relaxing, getting adventurous, or re-sparking the romance, there are many ways to get creative at home.

To change things up, plan a self-care Sunday and spend the day recharging together.

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