Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver: A Calming Oasis for Relaxation Enthusiasts

Oakwell Beer Spa is an award-winning Denver day spa that offers a unique wellness experience. Relax differently while enjoying beer-inspired spa treatments.

Our story

Oakwell Beer Spa, originally The Beer Spa, was born from a 14-month, 25-country adventure.

Husband and wife team Jessica French & Damien Zouaoui founded The Beer Spa in Denver (now Oakwell Beer Spa). Shortly after meeting while living in New York City, Jessica and Damien knew they were destined to be together personally and professionally. Oakwell is a product of months of travel, laughter, and research.


Creating the Idea

Entrepreneurs at heart, the French-American couple would brainstorm business ideas in their tiny New York apartment over a pint (or two) of beer after getting home from their respective jobs.

Their discussions made it apparent that they wanted to create something innovative together – something that hadn’t been done before.


The Journey Began

With Damien originally coming from France and Jessica traveling internationally at a young age, they both understood there were a lot of interesting concepts around the world. Many of these just hadn’t been brought to the United States yet.

With that realization, they soon knew what they needed to do. So they made a pact that they would quit their jobs in six months’ time, pack two backpacks, and hit the road on an indefinite round-the-world trip.

The deal was they weren’t coming home until they found their perfect business.


A Journey Of Discovery Worldwide


For the next 14 months, Jessica & Damien traveled to 25 countries, testing and tasting their way through all the quirky, strange, and unique experiences they could find. From hedgehog cafes and real-life Mario Kart racing in Tokyo to RV-sharing apps in the UK, Jessica and Damien dissected each business model and, of course, had some fun while doing it.

Then, one June afternoon in the mountain town of Zakopane, Poland, they were searching for an indoor activity to escape from the rain. They were immediately intrigued when a ‘Beer Spa’ popped up only a few blocks away. Beers and spas. What could be a better combination?


A Polish Beer Bath Experience

Before long, they were soaking in a warm, bubbly beer bath, sipping on unlimited pints of cold Polish brew. This combined so many things they are passionate about – wellness, craft beer, and bringing people together – and it was executed so uniquely.

They also couldn’t help but think about how bathing is such a powerful and ancient tradition, from the Romans bathing in wine to the Egyptians bathing in milk. Yet the bathing ritual has seemed to fade out of the limelight over the generations, particularly in the U.S.

Over the next few months, Damien and Jessica investigated spa and bathing cultures globally. They went to thermal baths in Budapest, jjimjilbangs in South Korea, and onsens in Japan. Pretty soon, they knew their destiny was set.

They would incorporate the best spa experiences worldwide to create a modern, high-tech wellness space combining a day spa and taproom into one.


Creating The Beer Spa in Denver

While finishing their way through Asia, Jessica and Damien spent just as much time creating their business plan as they did enjoying their travels. Once they hammered out The Beer Spa concept – a relaxing space with beer baths, infrared saunas, zero gravity massage chairs, and a craft beer taproom – the next order of business was figuring out where to put it.

Even though NYC had their hearts, due to the high cost of living and fierce competition, they started researching the nation’s top wellness and beer-minded cities. Denver won, hands down.

With a business plan in hand and hearts full of passion, Jessica and Damien moved to Denver in January 2019, immediately after returning from their world tour. With the help of their lenders and a fearless real estate broker, The Beer Spa soon found a place to call home in a funky 1900s building in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. 


The First Beer Spa of Its Kind

Although the core concept is similar to the beer spa they originally discovered in Poland, Jessica and Damien have taken the idea of using beer for wellness to a whole new level. With an increased emphasis on technology and the addition of a craft beer taproom, Oakwell Beer Spa is a modern, urban oasis where guests can enjoy beer-inspired spa services while sipping on their favorite craft beverage. The Oakwell Beer Spa team couldn’t be more proud to call Denver home. We love providing a unique wellness space for Denver’s residents and visitors and look forward to doing so for many years to come. 


Cheers to Denver

We’re excited to welcome you to relax differently at Oakwell Beer Spa.