Experience the Best Full-Body Massage in Denver: Oakwell Beer Spa’s Zero Gravity Massage Experience

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If you’re looking for the best full-body massage in Denver, Colorado, look no further! Oakwell Beer Spa offers a relaxing Zero Gravity Massage Experience, with chairs that use the latest robotics technology for a hands-off, therapeutic massage.

You can book a rejuvenating spa day and enjoy a Zero Gravity Massage Experience as an add-on or just come for a beer and a massage.

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The Benefits of a Zero Gravity Massage Experience

A full-body massage in Denver with the Zero Gravity Massage Experience allows your body to relax in a way that offers a wealth of wellness benefits.

  • Joint and Spine Stress Relief

    As you lie in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair with your legs elevated above your heart and your weight evenly distributed, stress reduces on your joints and spine.

  • Posture Improvements

    During your massage, your spine decompresses and muscles loosen. This allows your body to relax into its natural alignment for better posture.

  • Muscle Relaxation

    The Zero Gravity Massage Chair features a full-body air compression function that relieves your calves, hips, thighs, arms, hands, and shoulders. L-track rollers also melt away muscle tension in your neck, back, and glutes.

  • Better Blood Circulation

    With your legs elevated as deep tissue massage techniques work on your body, your blood flow gets moving to improve your circulation.

  • Tired Feet Respite

    Do you stand on your feet a lot? A Zero Gravity Massage Experience is the ideal respite as foot rollers stimulate the soles of your feet to relax them.

  • Headache Alleviation

    Whether you suffer from regular headaches or aren’t feeling your best, a full-body massage experience can decrease cortisone and increase serotonin to relieve headaches and other pain.

  • Immune System Boost

    During a massage, your blood gets flowing. This increases the activity of your lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that help defend your body from illness and disease.

  • Flexibility Enhancements

    The Zero Gravity Massage works on your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and tissues. This process improves flexibility and range of motion while helping to prevent injury, making this an excellent wellness experience for athletes.

  • Anxiety Relief

    Not only does the peaceful Zero Gravity Massage Experience at Oakwell Beer Spa offer the ideal space to unwind and relax, but hormones released during a massage can help relieve anxiety.

Choose Your Session

Choose between a 15 or 30-minute session. The 15-minute massage treatment offers a full-body massage. The 30-minute massage treatment provides a full-body massage followed by a stretching massage that re-energizes the body.

Other Spa Services

While you can enjoy the Zero Gravity Massage Experience as a stand-alone service, you can also add it to other day spa treatments, including a private Beer Therapy™ Room. These rooms offer 90 minutes of our signature treatments, including an infrared sauna and hydrotherapy beer bath.

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Space Vibes

Take a trip to outer space in our space-themed Relaxation Lounge while you enjoy your Zero Gravity Massage Experience.

Oakwell Beer Spa’s massage chairs originated in Japan and South Korea. They were designed using NASA research and the latest robotics technology to give you a realistic, full-body massage without needing human interaction or an appointment with a massage therapist.

Once you sit down, the chair’s intelligent 4D mechanism will scan your body to customize the massage to your shape, size, and acupressure point locations for optimal wellness benefits.

Sit Back and Relax

Once your chair adjusts to give you a customized full-body massage experience, you’ll be tilted back into a neutral, zero gravity position with your legs elevated above your heart and weight evenly distributed across your spine.

As you rest, you’ll drift off into space as rollers and air compression deliver traditional Chinese massage techniques. The chair will knead, tap, roll, and squeeze targeted areas of your body, from your neck to your feet, for the ultimate relaxation.

Cozy Taproom

Because our Zero Gravity Massage Chairs are in the Relaxation Lounge, where beverages aren’t allowed, be sure to leave some time before or after your massage to hang out in our taproom. Get comfy while you enjoy local craft beer, wine, kombucha, tea, or other beverages.

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What to Expect From Your Zero Gravity Massage Experience at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver

Get ready to enjoy the Zero Gravity Experience and full-body massage in Denver unlike any other!

Zero Gravity Massage Experience at Oakwell Beer Spa

Our high-tech Zero Gravity Massage sessions offer head-to-toe massage, without the human-to-human interaction. The massage chair will scan your body to select the most appropriate settings for your body shape and size. Once your session is ready, you’ll lay back to enjoy your rejuvenating massage therapy. The massage helps with lymphatic drainage, circulation, and intramuscular swelling while relieving pain in your calves, feet, arms, shoulders, and hips.

  • Zero Gravity Nasa Research
  • 4D Adjustable Deep Tissue Massage
  • Re-Energizing Streching Massage
  • Ultimate Relaxation

Full-Body Massage Gift Card in Denver, CO

Are you looking to treat yourself to a self-care spa day or give the gift of relaxation? Oakwell Beer Spa offers gift cards for the Zero Gravity Massage Experience.

You can customize your gift card amount to cover any of our spa services including the Zero Gravity Massage Experience. Don’t forget to add a little extra to enjoy tasty beverages from the taproom too!

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What Our Guests Have to Say

+1800 Google review
4 months ago

My husband got us a package as a Xmas gift. It sounded fun but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Our experience was perfect from the minute we walked in the door! We interacted with at least 4 employees, all of them were very friendly & helpful. We were immediately greeted with insulated cups & shown to the self pour bar. Each spa room is beautifully set up for a nice romantic escape from reality. They really have thought of everything. You have a private shower, sauna & hot tub in each room with robes & fresh towels. They offer massages for after your spa time but we didn’t do that. Next time for sure. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone! If you want a romantic gift idea – you cannot go wrong with this. Looking forward to going back

Karen M.

Wonderful place! They have a brewery of the month beer selection. There’s snacks to munch on. Private room with sauna, shower, small vanity, and the spa itself. We did the zero gravity massage ever and that was one of the best naps I’ve ever had! I would highly recommend this place!

Jenn P.

Can simply not recommend this highly enough! We had an absolute blast. The staff were fun, helpful and just so kind and professional. The spa room was clean, welcoming and the best time I have spent with my husband in a long time. HIGHLY recommend the charcuterie board and the incredible selection of beer, sours and cider. The piece de resistance though was the massage chair. Holy sweet heaven. It was absolutely glorious. GO NOW!!!

Nikki K.

Amazing experience. The beers were delicious, the spa room was lovely, really enjoyed the infrared sauna to tub. Everyone working made my friend and I feel special and well taken care of. The massage chairs were so nice and well worth adding on. Can’t wait to come back!

Jenn K. G.

I don’t even know how to explain this place it is the most amazing thing I’ve stepped into since I’ve been in Denver!! Denver so full of beer fanatics and I just went to check this out and we tried the massage chairs & were blown away! I will be definitely going back and exploring the other services but they’ve really thought of everything and the lounge area is absolutely adorable, the service is impeccable and the beer on tap was incredibly diversified and all sounded delicious!! Nick is The best host ever!!

Christina J.

Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage in Denver FAQs.

Still have questions about the Zero Gravity Massage Experience at Oakwell Beer Spa? We have the answers!

How long is a massage session at Oakwell Beer Spa?

You can choose from a 15 or 30-minute massage session. Both sessions offer a deep relaxation full-body massage, while the 30-minute experience adds on the stretching program that re-energizes the body.

Can I get a Zero Gravity Massage if I’m pregnant?

Since we’re not licensed to practice medicine, we recommend you consult your physician on which treatments are safe.

If your physician approves for you to enjoy our Zero Gravity Massage Experience, please ask our Beer Therapists to adjust the roller and air pressure to your desired feeling.

We particularly advise that you consult your physician before using a Zero Gravity Massage Chair if you’re in your first or third trimester.

Are the massage chairs cleaned and disinfected after each use?

Absolutely! We take pride in the cleanliness of Oakwell Beer Spa. Our Zero Gravity Massage chairs are thoroughly wiped and disinfected after each use.

We also offer the option for guests to sanitize their hands before their session and to wear provided foot booties.

We promise that each time you relax in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair, it’ll feel like you’re the first one to ever use it!

Can I get a couple’s massage at Oakwell Beer Spa?

Of course! The Relaxation Lounge at Oakwell Beer Spa fits up to four people and is the perfect place to enjoy a restorative couples massage in Denver.

Do I need to make an appointment to use the massage chairs?

No, we accept walk-ins for our massage chairs. Enjoy them on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you want to book a spa day at Oakwell, you can add your Zero Gravity Massage Experience to your spa package.

Why is it called a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Fun fact: NASA’s investigations into zero gravity body postures began with Skylab, the first American space station.

These studies formed the basis of what is now known as ‘neutral body posture,’ which is the human’s body position when we’re entirely relaxed in a weightless environment.

This neutral body posture data has been used for decades to create ergonomic designs for earthbound humans, including mattresses, car seats, and now the robotic Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

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