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Mar 15, 2024 • 5 min read • By: Polly Clover

Denver, Colorado Vacation: How to Have a Memorable Experience


Denver is one of the best places to visit because it offers so many unique experiences. In this article, we’ll share insider tips from locals on how to have a memorable Denver, Colorado vacation.

Also known as the Mile High City, Denver has some of the most breathtaking views, incredible weather, and fun activities. Whether you enjoy exploring nature, relaxing at the spa, or trying local beer or wine, there’s something for everyone in Denver.

Below, we’ll discuss the best places to stay, must-see and do activities, and helpful tips for the best Denver getaway.

Where to Stay for a Denver, Colorado Vacation

One of our favorite things about Denver is the number of incredible places to stay. No matter your budget or travel style, there are endless hotels and vacation rental options.

We especially recommend checking out The Crawford Hotel or the Halcyon Hotel because of their unique vibes and convenient locations.

The Crawford Hotel

The Crawford Hotel is just above the iconic Denver Union Station, known to locals as Denver’s Living Room. It’s an experience rather than a hotel, with impressive historical details and cozy, elegant rooms.

The Crawford Hotel is an excellent place for visitors who like to be close to the hustle. It’s conveniently near many places to eat, shop, and hang out. 

Denver Union Station
Denver Union Station

Halcyon Hotel

Halcyon Hotel is perfect if you want a luxurious, unique experience. This hotel is known as a “non-hotel,” featuring some of the most luxurious rooms in all of Colorado. 

It’s located in the Cherry Creek shopping district, in an upscale area close to Downtown Denver. It’s easy to enjoy the picture-perfect city views, rooftop pool, and on-site dining opportunities.

What to Do on a Vacation in Denver, Colorado

Denver offers some of the best things to see and do. From sunrise to sunset, it’s easy to stay busy, and there’s a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

While there are countless activities, the options below are some of the best.

Hang Out at the Denver Union Station

The Denver Union Station is a must-visit during your Denver, Colorado, vacation. This historic train station is in the heart of downtown Denver and offers delicious food at world-renowned restaurants and charming boutique shopping. Whether you visit day or night, there’s so much to check out at the Denver Union Station.

Go Brewery Hopping

Denver is a hot spot for any beer lover! It’s known for its expansive beer scene and is home to over a hundred craft breweries. 

Even if you aren’t usually a beer drinker, Denver makes trying new things fun. You can explore the popular areas of the city, like River North Art District (RiNo) and Lower Downtown (LoDo), and find lots of breweries. You can also join a guided tour with Denver Microbrew

Relax at Oakwell Beer Spa

The best way to relax in Denver is at Oakwell Beer Spa, an award-winning day spa with unique treatments. Oakwell Beer Spa offers a rejuvenating experience with Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, an Infrared Sauna, and a Zero Gravity Massage.

You can book a private beer therapy™ room for two people or book multiple rooms that can be joined together for larger groups. You can also walk in to visit Oakwell Beer Spa’s self-serve taproom, where you can enjoy local craft beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and tea.

couple taking beer bath at Oakwell Beer Spa
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Oakwell Beer Spa

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Temper Chocolates

Temper Chocolates is a delicious chocolate and confection shop and a must-try in Denver. It’s in the popular RiNo district in The Denver Central Market, where you can also enjoy other vendors. This is the perfect place to stop after lunch or dinner.

Taste Wine at The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Denver’s Larimer Square is a fun block in Downtown Denver for shopping and dining. While you’re exploring the area, be sure to visit The Infinite Monkey Theorem to try delicious local wines. 

We love The Infinite Monkey Theorem’s industrial, chic atmosphere and fun taproom. Throughout the week, there are fun events, like comedy night and trivia. You can also book tours to explore more of the winery.

Explore Local Parks

There is no shortage of amazing parks in Denver if you want to get outdoors and experience the city’s beautiful scenery. 

  • City Park: A fun park with green spaces, lakeside trails, and popular attractions, including The Denver Zoo and Museum of Nature & Science
  • Washington Park: A large neighborhood park with two lakes and gardens
  • Confluence Park: An urban, riverside park in Downtown Denver where you can walk, relax, and even kayak

Bonus Activities

Depending on how long you’re visiting Denver, you might want to explore a few more fun experiences in Denver.

  • See a live show at Red Rocks Amphitheater
  • Explore the Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Take a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Appreciate the arts at the Denver Art Museum
  • Grab some dessert at the iconic Little Man Ice Cream
Flowers and mountain scenery at Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

How to Get Around Denver

One perk of a Denver, Colorado vacation is how easy it is to get around. As a busy city, there are plenty of transportation options. 

Whether you drive to Denver or come in through the Denver International Airport, there are several convenient ways to get around, including driving, walking, public transportation, or biking.


The simplest way to get around Denver is by car – your car, a rented car, or a rideshare from Uber or Lyft. 

Keep in mind that some areas are better explored on foot. For example, it’s best to walk around popular areas like Downtown Denver and RiNo. That said, there’s usually parking available if you need to park then walk around.


Many areas in Denver are pedestrian-friendly. Most neighborhoods you’ll likely stay and hang out in are walkable. However, Denver is spread out, so it’s best to stick to seeing one or two areas per day to make the most of your experience and have the opportunity to walk around and explore.

Public Transportation

If you’re looking for an authentic city-life experience, consider using Denver’s extensive public transportation system, whether the light rail or the bus. This can take longer than other transportation options, but it’s more affordable.

Bicycling or Scootering

Denver has many bike and scooter rentals if you’re interested in an exciting adventure. Bike or scoot around to see different areas without worrying about parking because there are many places to leave bikes and scooters throughout the city.

Denver, Colorado Vacation: FAQs

Make the most of your Denver getaway with answers to common questions.

What is there to do in Denver? 

There’s so much to do in Denver, from spending time in nature and eating delicious food to enjoying the craft beer scene and relaxing at a beer spa. 

One of the reasons we love Denver so much is that there are fun activities for everyone. You could visit many times or live here for years and likely never get bored!

man in Zero Gravity Massage chair at Oakwell Beer Spa
Zero Gravity Massage, Oakwell Beer Spa

How many days do you need to visit Denver?

You need at least two days to experience the best of Denver. That said, it’s easy to plan the perfect day trip or week-long vacation.

What is the best month to visit Denver?

Spring and fall are the best months to visit Denver if you’re looking for pleasant weather and fewer crowds. Winter and summer are the busy seasons. No matter when you plan your Denver, Colorado, vacation, you’re sure to have an amazing experience.

Where should I stay in Denver?

There are many excellent areas to stay in Denver, including Five Points for a charming neighborhood experience, Cherry Creek with high-end dining and shopping, or Downtown for fun activities and nightlife.

Enjoy Your Denver, Colorado Vacation

We hope this guide has helped you plan your vacation to Denver. There are so many fun and unique things to do. No matter how you spend your trip, you’ll have a wonderful experience!

If you’re ready to start planning, book a relaxing spa day at Oakwell Beer Spa.

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