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May 03, 2024 • 5 min read • By: Polly Clover

25+ Fun & Unique Things to Do in Denver, Colorado in 2024


Whether you’re a local looking for new activities or you’re planning a Denver vacation, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share the best things to do in Denver for a fun and unique experience.

From bathing in beer to enjoying beautiful mountain scenery, Denver’s got it all. Whether you're looking to create a memorable vacation itinerary, go on a special date, or enjoy a fun weekend with friends, there's something (or a few things) for everyone.

Ride Around on a Scooter or Bike

Denver is one of the few US cities with a dedicated scooter and bike program, making for a fun way to explore the city. Denver partners with rideshare programs Lyft and Lime to operate these services throughout the city.

When you’re ready to explore, you can usually find scooters or bikes along the sidewalks, especially in popular areas. You can also check the rideshare apps to find where to rent a ride.

River North Art District (RiNo) and Lower Downtown (LoDo) are two fun areas to ride around in. There are lots of shops, restaurants, and bars to check out. We also enjoy riding through Denver’s parks, including City Park and Washington Park.

City Park in Denver
City Park

Shop at Revampt Goods

Denver is known for its diverse shopping, and one of our favorite, unassuming stores that’s well worth a visit is Revampt Goods. This sustainable, locally-owned boutique is located in Denver’s popular shopping district, Cherry Creek North.  

Whether you're looking for home decor or gifts or simply browsing, Revampt Goods sells all sorts of eccentric items. Find cool things made of quirky objects and unlikely materials. Best of all, everything is recycled!

Eat at the Denver Milk Market

It's no secret that Denver is a foodie's paradise. We love satisfying almost any craving at the Denver Milk Market. This modern, lively dining hall is in the popular LoDo area. There are 16 locally-owned spots all in one place at the Denver Milk Market

The variety makes this one of the best family-friendly dining spots or lunch or dinner with friends. Options vary from burgers to pizza and tasty vegetarian options. Grab a seat at a table or take your food to go. You can also enjoy a cocktail or wine tasting at the Denver Milk Market.

Take a Denver Foodie Tour

Another unique dining experience in Denver is going on a food tour. Denver Food Tours ranks #1 for local tours on TripAdvisor. There are various tours in different parts of the city, each offering a fun experience.

Denver Food Tours also offers wine and cocktail experiences if you're interested in drinks only. A guided tour is a fun way to roam the city, appreciate the culture, and learn about local history. Tours are held every day of the week.

Eat Rocky Mountain Oysters

One of Colorado's iconic foods is Rocky Mountain Oysters. Trying these is one of the most weird things to do in Denver, but many people visit solely to taste this delicacy. 

Rocky Mountain Oysters are bull testicles, served sliced and deep fried. They have a gamey flavor and a texture that's similar to calamari. 

Some of the best places in Denver to try Rocky Mountain Oysters include:

Hang Out at Wash Park

Washington Park, also known as Wash Park to many locals, is a huge residential park that offers a getaway from the downtown hustle. It's also a fun, family-friendly spot. 

Wash Park has a lot of green space to enjoy a picnic or gather with friends. You can also hit the trails for a walk or bike ride and take pictures of the flower gardens. 

On the weekends, you might catch a Farmer's Market in the park. Near Wash Park, you can explore shops, restaurants, and bars. With plenty to do in the area, it’s easy to spend an entire day here.

Relax at Oakwell Beer Spa

One of the most relaxing things to do in Denver is a spa day at Oakwell Beer Spa, an award-winning wellness space that combines a craft beer taproom with a day spa. 

Forget traditional spa treatments and take a beer bath instead for a rejuvenating and unique experience. Oakwell Beer Spa has various spa treatments, including the Zero Gravity Massage Infrared Sauna, and Beer Bath Hydrotherapy. 

While enjoying your spa day, you can sip on a tasty beverage – craft beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and non-alcoholic drinks. It’s the perfect place to relax alone, spend quality time with your significant other, or hang out with friends.

two girls taking a beer bath at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Oakwell Beer Spa

Enjoy a Whiskey and History Tour

Do you enjoy whiskey and history? This Whiskey and History Tour with Denver Like a Local is the perfect activity. 

Enjoy a 3-hour walking tour of Downtown Denver, and visit the Mile High City's oldest Irish pub, taste local whiskey, and learn about local history.

Have a Cocktail at William & Graham Speakeasy

One of our favorite things to do in Denver is enjoy cocktails at the William & Graham speakeasy. This prohibition-era bar is the ultimate hidden gem, located in a corner bookstore. 

William & Graham has been named America's Best Cocktail Bar and one of the World’s Top 50 Bars. They serve delicious handcrafted cocktails, small plates, and desserts in a cozy atmosphere.

Go to a Local Event at the Civic Center Park

Civic Center Park is one of Denver's most iconic areas. It's surrounded by special landmarks, including the State Capitol and the Denver Art Museum, both of which are also worth a visit.

During summer at Civic Center Park, you can enjoy festivals, concerts, and food trucks. There are also a few other events during the off-season.

Other Unique Activities in Denver

While the list above offers plenty to see and do, here are a few more fun things to do in Denver:

  • Watch a Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field
  • Take a tour of the Denver Mint, a coin production facility
  • Visit Wings Air & Space Museum, formerly the Lowry Air Force Base
  • Hang out at Cheesman Park, where you can enjoy local events, hiking, green spaces, and mountain views
  • Stroll through the Denver Botanic Gardens, where you can find one of the largest collections of plants in one place
  • Go to the International Church of Cannabis
  • Drive along the Mount Evans Scenic Highway, North America's highest paved road
  • Dine at Linger, an old mortuary turned upbeat restaurant
Coors Field in Denver
Coors Field in Denver

Things to Do in Denver: FAQs

Make the most of Denver with answers to common questions below.

taproom at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver
Taproom at Oakwell Beer Spa

Is Denver famous for anything?

Denver is famous for its thriving beer scene, a unique mix of city and nature, and historical landmarks. With so much to see and do, it’s one of the most fun cities in the United States.

Why do people visit Denver?

There are many reasons people visit Denver, including its unique activities, mix of city life and nature, and convenient location to an international airport and other fun cities.

What should you do if you have 24 hours in Denver?

If you have 24 hours in Denver, we recommend visiting Union Station, relaxing at Oakwell Beer Spa, and then enjoying dinner on Restaurant Row in Uptown. In this article, we share a perfect one-day Denver itinerary.

How can I spend 3 days in Denver?

The best way to spend 3 days in Denver is by exploring the city's various districts, taking a quick day trip, and experiencing unique activities. 

Here's a great 3-day Denver itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Rent a scooter and go sightseeing, visiting Cherry Creek North, Four Mile Historic Park, and Wash Park.
  • Day 2 - Head to the Loveland Pass for a day trip and swing by Red Rocks Park. When you're back in Denver, explore Larimer Square or LoDo.
  • Day 3 - Explore Denver's downtown area and Union Station. Then, spend the afternoon relaxing at Oakwell Beer Spa before dinner at the Denver Milk Market.

Is Denver a romantic city?

Denver offers so many romantic things to do, including dinner at a fancy restaurant, a date night at Oakwell Beer Spa, and watching the sunset at Cheesman Park, Denver is incredibly romantic. That’s why many couples enjoy going to Denver for a romantic getaway!

Things to Do in Denver: Conclusion

We hope this article has inspired you to check out unique and fun things to do in Denver. We love how many memorable activities there are, whether you’re in the mood for relaxation, adventure, or a bit of both!

If you’re ready to plan a memorable and relaxing experience, book a spa day at Oakwell Beer Spa!

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