New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!

13 Impressive Spa Benefits: Why You Should Book a Spa Day

A day at the spa offers the perfect relaxation experience. But it’s more than just that! Along with taking time to unwind, there are many spa benefits for physical and mental health. Spa treatments include facials, saunas, hydrotherapy, and so much more. With many spa treatments that offer different experiences and target various systems and functions of the body, there are countless reasons to treat yourself to a day at the spa. Do you want to plan a special date? Have you been struggling to get a good night’s rest? Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, or high blood pressure? A spa day might be in order! Keep reading to find out why you should book a spa day!

What are the top spa benefits?

Many people find indulging in self-care a top spa benefit, but that’s not all! Various spa services focus on different wellness areas, providing advantages from stress relief to improved skin and many more. Check out these 13 amazing spa benefits:
  1. Release toxins
  2. Decrease stress and anxiety
  3. Enjoy quality time with loved ones (or yourself!)
  4. Reduce signs of aging
  5. Get better sleep
  6. Improve skin and hair
  7. Enhance flexibility
  8. Boosts the immune system
  9. Increases blood flow and circulation
  10. Help with weight loss
  11. Pain relief
  12. Lower blood pressure
  13. Feel more fulfilled

1. Release Toxins

Many spa treatments are excellent for releasing toxins. Detoxing allows your body to eliminate toxic or unhealthy substances that can affect different aspects of health. Typically, spa services that cause you to sweat, like saunas and steam rooms, release toxins from the body. Massages can also aid in detoxification. Detoxing is helpful for many reasons. It can give you more energy, help with weight loss, and strengthen your immune system. It's also great for the skin as it cleanses and offers anti-aging effects.

2. Decrease Stress and Anxiety

If you’re dealing with regular or occasional stress or anxiety, a spa experience might be exactly what you need! Relaxing at the spa is an ideal way to rest your mind and body. Whether you’re getting a massage or detoxing in the sauna, most spa treatments provide a sense of calmness. Fun fact: Warm water temperatures in a hydrotherapy bath can release endorphins to help you feel relaxed.

3. Enjoy Quality Time With Loved Ones (or yourself!)

One of our favorite spa benefits is that it’s a fun way to hang out with your loved ones or spend quality time with yourself. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a date with your significant other, spend time with friends, or have a solo self-care day, why not do it while you relax at the spa? Many spas offer date night or party packages that allow you to have a unique experience that’s perfect for quality time and wellness benefits. [caption id="attachment_4427" align="aligncenter" width="580"]beer bath hydrotherapy - spa benefits Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa[/caption]

4. Reduce Signs of Aging

That’s right! One of the best benefits of spa treatments is that some of them can help reduce signs of aging. Skincare is a key component of taking care of our skin’s appearance, which goes for things like wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dry skin. If you’re trying to tackle any of these issues, there are several services you can treat yourself to, including a facial, hydrotherapy or hot tub therapy, or a body mask.

5. Get Better Sleep

Studies show that stress has a direct effect on sleeping habits. Do you find yourself struggling to get good sleep? One of the spa health benefits that brings many visitors in is the relaxation of the body and mind, resulting in being able to fall and stay asleep. Most people notice after a spa day that their sleep is much better!

6. Improve Skin and Hair

Are you looking to take your skin or hair up a notch? Head to the spa! Spa services like facials, body masks, and hydrotherapy can focus on your hair and/or skin. Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve, whether it’s shiny hair or softer skin, there are many options. At Oakwell Beer Spa, we offer a Beer Bath Hydrotherapy that features a blend of hops, barley, and herbs. This bubbly beer bath is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that provide many benefits, including skin and hair that are more nourished and healthy.

7. Alleviates Headaches

If you suffer from headaches, you’ll be happy to hear that spa benefits include headache relief. Some treatments, such as a Zero Gravity massage, increase serotonin and decrease cortisone levels. This can help alleviate headaches and other pain. [caption id="attachment_4429" align="alignnone" width="580"]massage chair - spa benefits Zero Gravity Massage at Oakwell Beer Spa[/caption]

8. Boosts the Immune System

Many of the spa health benefits lead to a better immune system. This is because spa treatments target different aspects of our mental and physical health, resulting in an improved immune system. An example of that is spa services like massages and hydrotherapy increase blood flow. This results in an activity increase of our lymphocytes, white blood cells that help defend our body from diseases. Spa treatments like a sauna also help with detoxification, which boosts the immune system by removing toxins and bacteria from the body.

9. Increases Blood Flow and Circulation

As we mentioned, some spa treatments can help increase blood flow and circulation. Having proper circulation is essential for good health. The better our blood and oxygen flow, the better our organs can function. Healthy blood flow and circulation lead to better focus, a healthy heart, the ability to fight off illnesses, and so much more.

10. Help with Weight Loss

While visiting the spa isn’t a magical weight loss plan, some services can help you achieve your weight goals. For example, an infrared sauna increases your heart rate by using infrared rays that trick your body into thinking it’s doing cardio. Spa treatments like saunas that offer detoxifying effects can also help with weight loss.

11. Pain Relief

One of the most appreciated spa benefits is that many treatments offer pain relief better than medication can. This is why a spa day is perfect for people who are injured, play sports, or sit at a desk all day. Not only does resting your body work wonders in itself, but spa treatments can directly tackle body aches and pain. A few examples of this are increased blood flow, which relieves tension in the body, reduced inflammation during hydrotherapy, and stress relief for joints in the body.

12. Lower Blood Pressure

If you experience high blood pressure, spa therapy might be an excellent option for you. Several studies show that warm water hydrotherapy, sauna treatments, and massage can reduce blood pressure. In turn, this can also prevent heart disease. In this article, Dr. Adolf Hutter, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. discusses that the high temperatures you experience in a warm tub or sauna can cause your blood vessels to dilate, which helps lower your blood pressure. Various studies also show that massage therapy helps lower blood pressure. Note: If you experience high blood pressure, it's best to consult a medical professional about which spa treatments are best for you.

13. Feel More Fulfilled

Our favorite benefit of all is that you’ll feel more fulfilled after a day at the spa! Life calls for a little pick-me-up every now and then, and a spa day can provide just that. Along with all the wellness benefits you can experience, treating yourself allows you to feel happier and more fulfilled.

Enjoy Spa Benefits at Oakwell Beer Spa!

We hope these benefits of going to a spa have inspired you to book your next spa day. You deserve it! Whether you're experiencing body aches, stress, or inability to get good sleep, or you simply want to enjoy a day at the spa, everyone can reap spa benefits. It's also an ideal way to spend quality time with a loved one. If you’re located in or traveling to Denver, book an appointment at Oakwell Beer Spa. We’re an award-winning day spa and taproom combined into one and offer a unique experience for you to relax differently.