New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
Feb 22, 2022 • 4 min read • By: Polly Clover

The Best Couples Spa Packages in Denver for a Romantic Spa Day


The Best Couples Spa Packages in Denver for a Romantic Spa Day

If you’re planning a couples spa weekend or day in Denver, you’re in the right place! In this guide, we’ll answer all your questions about couples spa packages in Denver and share our favorites with you. Heading to the spa with your loved one is an amazing experience! Not only is it a fun way to unwind, but it also allows you to reconnect with your other half. Not to mention, spa treatments offer a wealth of health and wellness benefits.  Let’s get to it and learn all about a couples spa day in Denver and where you can appreciate a day of relaxation together.

What Are the Benefits of a Couples Spa Day?

If you’re wondering if you should really book that spa day for you and your loved one, you probably should! Spending the day at the spa with your loved one offers so many benefits.
  • Create more intimacy. Many spa treatments allow your body to release oxytocin, the happy hormone that can encourage you to be closer to your loved one.
  • Reconnect with eachother. Not only does spending quality time together build your bond, but unwinding together also gives you the necessary time to focus on eachother.
  • Try something new together. Ditch your standard dinner state and spice things up by enjoying romantic Denver spa packages. 
  • Improve health and wellness. Each spa treatment offers its own set of health and wellness benefits, which encourages you and your significant other to be healthy together.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety. We know that our mood can affect our relationships, and the more at peace we feel, the better. Most spa services allow your body to release serotonin and dopamine, which can aid with stress and anxiety. 
  • Break up your routine. With work, chores, and errands, it’s often hard to find time to break up your routine. If you book a couples spa day, it becomes another ‘to-do’ on your list.
2 women in beer bath - couples spa packages denver

Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa

Couples Spa Packages in Denver

Denver is amazing for many reasons – one of those being the exciting and romantic activities that couples love! And, there are several places where you can appreciate a couples spa day in Denver. Our favorite? Oakwell Beer Spa!

The Best Spa in Denver for Couples: Oakwell Beer Spa

Oakwell Beer Spa is Denver’s newest unique day spa that offers an awesome experience where you can relax differently with your love. At Oakwell Beer Spa, you can enjoy various spa services and packages, including The Date Night. This is the go-to romantic spa treatment and is one of the best Denver spa packages for couples.

What’s a Couples Spa Day Like at Oakwell Beer Spa?

Guests at Oakwell Beer Spa find that The Date Night is one of the best couples spa packages in Denver for many reasons! Let’s take a look at what you can expect for your couples spa day at Oakwell Beer Spa.

Cozy Self-Serve Taproom

The self-serve taproom is a cozy oasis where you can enjoy a variety of craft drinks. We feature a local brewery and share 6 of their best beers each month. If you're not up for beer, we also serve tea, kombucha, wine, and cider. You can hang out in the taproom before and/or after your couples spa day. And, you can also enjoy your beverage during your spa treatments. All visitors get a luscious robe to toss on when you need to refill your drink, and there’s also a ring bell system if you prefer to have your beverage refilled and brought to you. You can even stop by and enjoy the taproom without booking a spa day!

A Private Beer Therapy™ Room

The Beer Therapy™ Room is where the magic happens and makes for one of the most unique couples spa packages in Denver. Once you have your beverage, it’s time to experience a 90-minute Beer Therapy™ experience with your love.  Here’s what you can expect from your private Beer Therapy™ Room:
  • Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna: healing heat technique that encourages your body to sweat and detox, which leads to relaxation and various wellness benefits.
  • Beer Bath Hydrotherapy: a cedar hydrotherapy tub filled with a bubbly blend of barley, hops, and seasonal herbs that are loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.
  • Rain shower: a cold shower to keep your blood circulating after the sauna and to rinse off after your beer bath while you enjoy a minibar with beer-infused shower products.
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Candles, Rose Petals, and Chocolate

While the standard Beer Therapy™ Room offers an unforgettable date for couples, you can step it up a notch with a romantic touch. Add some love to your room with candles, rose petals, and a box of gourmet chocolates. This special spa day experience makes for a great gift for your loved one or your favorite couple celebrating a wedding or anniversary!

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

If you’re looking for a couples massage in Denver, you’ll love the Relaxation Lounge at Oakwell Beer Spa! This space-themed oasis features incredible Zero Gravity Massage chairs that give the ultimate full-body massage that feels amazing and provides a ton of wellness benefits. Take a trip to space in a NASA-inspired massage chair while kicked back in a zero-gravity position and listening to relaxation music. You can experience a massage alongside your spa day or as a stand-alone service.  Note: The Relaxation Lounge is the only space at Oakwell Beer Spa where you can’t take your beverage. However, you can visit the taproom before or after your full-body massage.
couples spa packages Denver - Zero Gravity Massage Chairs at Oakwell Beer Spa

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs at Oakwell Beer Spa

Enjoy Couples Spa Packages in Denver

We hope you’re inspired to enjoy Denver spa packages that are perfect for couples! It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your loved one, feel great, and reap the health and wellness benefits spa treatments offer. If you're ready for a fun date in Denver, book your Date Night Package at Oakwell Beer Spa! If you have any lingering questions about couples spa packages in Denver, feel free to check out FAQs or contact us. By: Polly Clover

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