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Mar 29, 2024 • 4 min read • By: Polly Clover

Zero Gravity Massage Therapy: A Complete Guide & FAQ


A Zero Gravity Massage experience offers a modern-day, full-body massage using robotic techniques. It’s one of our most popular treatments at Oakwell Beer Spa because of how unique and relaxing it is.

In this article, we’ll share what Zero Gravity Massage therapy is, its benefits, and answers to common questions. 

What is a Zero Gravity Massage?

A Zero Gravity Massage takes place in a chair that uses the latest robotics technology for a hands-off, therapeutic massage. During the massage, your body is tilted back into a neutral, zero gravity position with your legs elevated above your heart. 

While your weight is evenly distributed across your spine, you experience a full-body massage without any human interaction. The chair has a 4D mechanism that scans your body to customize the message to your body’s shape, size, and acupressure point locations.

women in a zero gravity massage chair
Zero Gravity Massage at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver

Zero Gravity Massage Benefits

There are many benefits of a spa treatment, and a Zero Gravity Massage is no exception. With a Zero Gravity Massage, you can experience better posture, less joint and spine stress, muscle relaxation, better health, and more. 

Better Posture

One of the unique features of a Zero Gravity Massage is the position of your body, with your legs above your heart. This natural alignment lets your body relax as your spine decompresses and muscles loosen, which can result in better posture.

Less Joint and Spine Stress

Another advantage of the zero-gravity position is the relief of stress on your joints and spine. This can be incredibly beneficial if you’re an athlete, recovering from an injury, or have aging joints.

Muscle Relaxation

Zero Gravity Massage chairs have full-body air compression, which can provide relief for your hips, thighs, calves, arms, hands, and shoulders. L-track rollers also ease muscle tension in your neck, back, and glutes. Not only do these features have physical benefits, but they feel so amazing!

Headaches and Other Pain Relief

If you suffer from headaches or other pains, a massage can help offer relief. Various studies have found that a therapeutic massage can help stop the pain messages from the body to the brain, allowing you to feel better. 

Tired Feet Treatment

If you’re a runner or someone who stands on your feet a lot, you’ll especially love this relaxing spa treatment. These special massage chairs have foot rollers that stimulate the soles of your feet to provide relaxation and comfort.

More Flexibility

If your body has any trigger points that affect your flexibility, a Zero-Gravity Massage can address them. It works on your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and tissues as your range of motion improves, leading to more flexibility. This is especially helpful for those at a higher risk of injury.

Healthier Blood Flow and Immune System

As your legs are elevated in the zero gravity position and the chair gets to work, your blood flow gets moving. This can result in better blood flow, which is vital for sending nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. Good circulation also helps you recover from injury, eliminate toxins from the body, and release endorphins necessary for managing stress and pain.

Good blood flow also activates your lymphocytes, the white blood cells that help defend your body from diseases and illnesses. This strengthens your immune system and increases your chances of good health.

Less Stress and Anxiety

If you’re looking for a stress relief activity, a massage is ideal. Of course, kicking back and relaxing in a spa chair is a quick way to feel better. Even better, medical professionals report that massage therapy can significantly reduce stress and anxiety

When you get a massage, your body’s stress hormones (cortisol) decrease. This helps you feel calmer and can also improve your sleep.

Zero Gravity Massage: FAQs

Learn more about this unique massage experience with answers to common questions below.

Relaxation Lounge at Oakwell Beer Spa with zero gravity massage chairs
Relaxation Lounge at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver

Do massage chairs get rid of knots?

Massage chairs work to tap, knead, roll, and squeeze, which breaks down and eliminates knots in your body. This is why you often feel lighter and relaxed after a massage chair treatment.

What can I expect from a Zero Gravity Massage at Oakwell Beer Spa?

Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver has a Relaxation Lounge where you can enjoy a Zero Gravity Massage. While these chairs are universal, our experience is unlike any other.

Here’s what you can expect at Oakwell Beer Spa:

  • Choose your session - You can enjoy a 15 or 30-minute experience. The 15-minute session offers deep relaxation and a full-body massage. The 30-minute session provides a full-body massage with a stretching massage that re-energizes the body. 
  • Space vibes - Our space-themed Relaxation Lounge offers an unforgettable experience. The room is incredibly calming, and the chairs were designed using NASA research and the latest robotic technology.
  • Ultimate relaxation - Once your chair adjusts for your customized massage, you’ll be tilted back into a neutral, zero-gravity position. Before long, you’ll drift off into space while rollers and air compression provide traditional Chinese massage techniques.

You can also treat yourself to other spa services, including a Hydrotherapy Beer Bath and an Infrared Sauna. We also have a cozy taproom where you can enjoy local craft beer, wine, kombucha, or tea before and/or after your massage. 

What should I wear for a Zero Gravity Massage?

It’s best to dress comfortably so you can entirely relax. Any clothing will work just fine, but if you’re going to a public space, you’ll want to dress appropriately.

Can I get a Zero Gravity Massage if I’m pregnant?

It’s best to consult your physician before using a massage chair. If your doctor approves, you can adjust the rollers and air pressure to your liking.

Why is it called Zero Gravity Massage?

NASA’s investigations into zero gravity body posture began with the first American space station, Skylab. These studies created the basis of what is now known as ‘neutral body posture,’ which is the human’s body position when it's completely relaxed in a weightless environment. 

For decades, this neutral body posture data has been used to create ergonomic designs for people. The designs include mattresses, car seats, and now Zero Gravity Massage chairs.

Do I need to make a reservation at Oakwell Beer Spa?

If you’re visiting us for a Zero Gravity Massage, there’s no need to make a reservation. Massage chairs are on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if you’d like to experience a complete spa day, you can schedule your appointment online

Zero Gravity Massage Therapy: Conclusion

We hope this article was helpful for you! Zero Gravity Massages offer a unique relaxation experience with many benefits for your mind and body.

If you want to enjoy a rejuvenating spa day at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver, book your appointment online. You can also create an at-home spa day with Oakwell Cosmetics.

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