New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!

30 Unique New Year Resolution Ideas for a More Fulfilled Life

As we go into a new year, you might be ready to set some goals to help you maintain a happy life or achieve more so you can feel more fulfilled. Whatever it may be, we’re here to share unique new year resolution ideas that are easy and exciting to implement!  Whether you’re looking to improve your wellness, have more fun, or build stronger relationships, we’ve got something for everyone. We’ll share self-care resolutions, goals that can be easily added to your daily routine, and fun ideas to do with your loved ones.

New Year Resolution Ideas for Improved Wellness

Looking to boost your wellness this year? These simple new year’s resolutions aren’t too difficult to incorporate into your daily life but can make a remarkable difference. From spending time offline to scheduling a spa day, we’ve got ideas for everyone!

1. Take one day (or afternoon) a week entirely offline.

Going offline has an abundance of benefits, yet it can be so difficult for many of us to do that. The notifications seem never-ending, and we want to keep track of what's going on. But, one of the best ways to make time for our new year goals and reconnect with ourselves is going offline. Depending on how often you're required to be online, set a specific day or few hours each week to sign off.

2. Say goodbye to things that don’t bring you joy.

A simple way to improve your wellbeing is to stop welcoming things that don’t bring you joy. This can be difficult if those things have become regular habits, but even eliminating small things here and there can be extremely rewarding.

3. Enjoy a spa day more often.

A day at the spa can bring so many wellness benefits, including stress relief, anti-aging effects, reduced pain, healthier skin, and more. Make a point to take advantage of spa day benefits by scheduling a regular self-care day. To make sure it happens, you can set an intention with yourself now on how often you'll go, whether it be every other Saturday or one time each month. [caption id="attachment_4372" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Spa Day at Oakwell Beer Spa Beer Therapy Room™ at Oakwell Beer Spa[/caption] You may also be interested in: 9 Types of Spa Treatments to Add to Your 2022 Spa Bucket List

4. Join an exercise class you enjoy.

Weight loss and exercise are among the most common recurring new year resolutions ideas. If this is something you want for yourself this year, make it attainable by attending an exercise class because you actually like it. There are so many options from yoga and cycling to Zumba and swimming. Choose one you enjoy and even consider switching it up after a few months to keep it exciting!

5. Start meal planning.

Did you know that studies show that meal planning is associated with more food variety and higher success with a more nutritious diet? If you’re hoping to start eating better, set aside an hour each week to plan your meals out for the following week and create a grocery list with the items you need. Not only does this help with making sure you have healthy foods to eat, but it also saves you time and money when it comes to planning your next meal.

6. Refresh your look.

I think we can all agree that when we get a haircut or change up our wardrobe, we feel much better. Making even small changes to your appearance can also revamp your mindset by boosting your mood, energy, and self-esteem. 

7. Do one (or more) acts of kindness each day.

Did you know that being kind to others reduces stress by decreasing blood pressure and cortisol? It also helps us feel more confident. You can make kindness a habit by performing one or more acts of kindness each day. This can be something as small as complimenting your coworker or something bigger like volunteering at a community event.

8. Walk more.

What’s a new year’s resolution list without walking? The problem is that some of us may not have extra time to walk more. Tie it into your regular daily routines by parking further back in the parking lot at work or walking an extra block when you take your dog for a walk.

9. Incorporate a new hack to drink more water.

Drinking more water is key to improved wellness. Incorporate a new hack into your everyday routine to make sure you drink more water. Ideas include having a full glass of water as soon as you wake up or keeping a pitcher of water infused with fruit in the fridge to make it more compelling. 

10. Create or revamp your skincare routine.

A skincare routine offers several wellness advantages, including reducing signs of aging and improving your confidence. Don't have time to do this? It can be something as straightforward as making sure to wash your face each night and applying an SPF moisturizer each morning. Make it something that works for you!

11. Quit multitasking.

We often think multitasking allows us to achieve more. However, having a lot of things going on at once can be overwhelming. Focusing on one thing at a time allows us to do it more effectively and feel more accomplished and fulfilled.

12. Create a gratitude ritual.

Research shows that gratitude makes us happier. Create a ritual where you can express what you’re grateful for. Each day, write down, share with your family, or tell yourself out loud something you’re thankful for. 

New Year Resolution Ideas for More Fun

New year, more fun, right? These unique new year’s resolution ideas are sure to bring more excitement into your life!

13. Go somewhere you’ve never been before.

Go somewhere you've never been, whether it be for a weekend vacation or a unique afternoon activity in your city. Find a list like this one, either where you live or in an unknown area, and go do something new!

14. Start a new hobby.

Participating in a hobby is a great way to take a step back and enjoy yourself. Restart an old hobby or find something new. It can even be something you enjoy with a significant other or your children. Fun ideas: start a garden, do more puzzles, go camping in the backyard. holding plant - new year resolution ideas

15. Revamp your daily routine.

The same activities every day inevitably get boring. Get away from the mundane and make life a little more exciting by revamping your daily routine. Simple things you can do are change up your go-to breakfast, take a new route to work, and start listening to music or a podcast while you make dinner.

16. Cook a new recipe each week.

Snag a new cookbook or subscribe to a cooking blog like this one and choose a new recipe each week to make.

17. Plan a vacation.

Are you a traveler looking for new year resolution ideas? Go ahead and start planning your yearly vacation! Spend an hour each weekend looking for destinations, creating a travel bucket list, and planning your next vacation.

18. Try a new restaurant each month.

Does hitting the town bring you joy? Check out a new restaurant each month to bring more excitement into your life.

19. DIY your own spa day.

Not only is this a healthy new year's resolution, but it's a fun way to maintain good health. Create a self-care day by setting up an at-home spa. Grab a comfy robe and spa towel, collect a few bath products, light your favorite candle, and relax.

20. Redecorate.

Spice things up and bring some excitement into your life by redecorating a space you often use, like your bedroom or office. Add a new piece of artwork or plant, move the furniture around, and reorganize. 

21. Spend more time with loved ones.

Did you find yourself missing time with loved ones last year? Change that up and make a point to spend more time with friends and family this year. Keep reading for ideas on this one!

New Year Resolution Ideas for Better Relationships

Looking to enhance the relationships in your life? Like with anything else, your relationships need attention to flourish. Whether you’re looking for New Year Resolution ideas for couples, friends, or even the relationship you have with yourself, we’ve got something for everyone here!

22. Go to bed with your partner.

If you and your partner often go to bed separately, try to create a schedule to change this. If it’s not possible to do this every night, pick a few nights a week to make sure you have this time to reconnect with one another.

23. Set a weekly phone call with a friend.

It’s easy to text our loved ones, but chatting with a friend or family member on a phone call can achieve a higher level of connection we often miss out on. 

24. Listen more.

Be a better partner and friend by listening more and talking less. In turn, you'll find that you're being appreciated, and you're learning more about others.

25. Start writing notecards.

Not only is regular writing a great new years resolution idea for being more creative, but writing notecards can allow us to build our relationships. Make it easy to maintain this habit by setting a box of notecards on your desk and writing a note to someone you care for once a day or week.

26. Schedule a monthly date.

You can do this with your significant other, a friend, or even yourself. Plan a regular date to give yourself something to look forward to and strengthen your relationships. [caption id="attachment_4373" align="aligncenter" width="580"]date night - new year resolution ideas Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa[/caption]

27. Turn off your phones.

And, when you spend time with your loved ones, turn off your phones and give them your undivided attention!

28. Show your appreciation.

This one can go along with your regular notecards. You can also send a quick text to someone you love each day to show your appreciation.

29. Enjoy spontaneity together.

Wake up on a Saturday and ask your partner, friend, or family member to go do something spontaneous with you like taking a day trip or grabbing a coffee and walking through the park. 

30. Share your goals with one another.

Choose a few new year resolution ideas off this list and share them with a loved one. Not only does this help you set your intentions, but it allows you to spend time together and update one another on your goals.   What goals will you set for the new year? Remember that your new year goal setting should be for you to enjoy! Make resolutions that are fulfilling and attainable.