June Tap Takeover at Oakwell Beer Spa: High Hops Brewery

Denver in June is full of fun experiences, including a day of relaxation and good beer at Oakwell Beer Spa. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can enjoy a spa day with local craft beers from High Hops Brewery. We partner with a Colorado brewery monthly and share 5 of their best beers with our guests. We’re so excited to team up with High Hops this June! Oakwell Beer Spa is an award-winning spa with unique, beer-inspired services, a cozy craft beer taproom, and other delicious beverages for those who don’t drink beer. Continue reading to learn more!

Fun Facts About High Hops Brewery

High Hops Brewery Logo Before we dive into what beers you can enjoy at Oakwell Beer Spa this June, let’s check out some fun facts about High Hops Brewery
  • High Hops’ story began 32 years ago with a small, seasonal greenhouse in Windsor, Colorado. The brewery officially opened in 2012, becoming Windsor’s first-ever microbrewery.
  • The brewery is nestled inside a family-owned garden center and blends the art of craft brewing with a love of gardens. There’s also a hops field and The Heart Distillery on site.
  • Not only does beer and pizza bring the community together at High Hops, but they also hold local events, usually a few nights per week.
  • Several of their beers have won international medals and multiple golds, including a Great American Beer Festival gold medal for the gluten-free sour, Puckerberry.
  • High Hops’ mission is to brew and serve unique, delicious, high-quality beer. They have 40 beers on tap, perfectly representing their motto: All types of beers for all types of people.
[caption id="attachment_5295" align="aligncenter" width="580"]High Hops patio seating High Hops Brewery[/caption]

June Brews at Oakwell Beer Spa

Whether you enjoy light, easy-drinking beers or flavorful brews, there’s something for everyone at Oakwell Beer Spa. Here are the High Hops beers we’re sharing with our guests this June.

The Cold One

Craft Lager, 5.2% ABV The Cold One is an easy-drinking craft lager and the perfect beer paired with a relaxing spa day. It’s so good it’s won several awards! [caption id="attachment_5290" align="aligncenter" width="580"]The Cold One; High Hops Brewery The Cold One; High Hops Brewery[/caption]

Blueberry Wheat

Wheat Ale, 4.8% ABV The Blueberry Wheat is the ideal summer beer, offering a blueberry aroma and subtle hop flavors. This one’s so delicious you’ll likely want more than one. [caption id="attachment_5292" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Blueberry Wheat; High Hops Brewery Blueberry Wheat; High Hops Brewery[/caption]


Sour Ale, 4.2% ABV If you’re a sour beer lover, the Pinkalicious is a must-try. Its tart raspberries and citrusy lemon verbena give a double tangy punch. This one’s a fan-favorite, and High Hops even contributes a portion of Pinkalicious sales to nonprofits that empower women. [caption id="attachment_5291" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Pinkalicious; High Hops Brewery Pinkalicious; High Hops Brewery[/caption]

Sun’s Out Guns Out

Tangerine IPA, 6.8% ABV The Sun’s Out Guns Out IPA is another delicious beer that’s fun to drink while enjoying a spa day. It’s the perfect balance of somewhat tart and sweet with a slightly bitter finish.  [caption id="attachment_5293" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Sun's Out Guns Out; High Hops Brewery Sun's Out Guns Out; High Hops Brewery[/caption]

The Honeyed One

American Red Ale, 5.5% ABV The Honeyed One is a tasty, unique American Red Ale. It’s very drinkable with a smooth, malty body. [caption id="attachment_5294" align="aligncenter" width="580"]The Honeyed One; High Hops Brewery The Honeyed One; High Hops Brewery[/caption]

June’s Beer Bath Blend at Oakwell Beer Spa

Oakwell Beer Spa’s signature treatment, Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, offers a rejuvenating bubbly beer bath experience. During your beer bath, you relax in a cedar hydrotherapy tub filled with thousands of tiny calming bubbles. The bath also contains a blend of beneficial hops, barley, and herbs. You’ll enjoy a wealth of wellness benefits as you unwind in a bath loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. June’s beer bath uses Cascade and Nugget Hops with Honey Malt from High Hop Brewery’s The Honeyed One American Red Ale. It also has our herb of the month, Raspberry Leaf. This bath blend contains antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals for hydrated and toned skin. Of course, your beer bath offers many other benefits, including stress relief, pain alleviation, and hair health. Read more: Beer Bath Hydrotherapy: A Complete Guide & FAQ


Below, we’ll answer common questions to help you enjoy your entire experience at Oakwell Beer Spa. [caption id="attachment_5296" align="aligncenter" width="580"]couple enjoying beer bath hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa Beer Bath Hydrotherapy; Oakwell Beer Spa[/caption]

Can I really drink beer during my spa treatments?

Of course! Oakwell Beer Spa services beer and other beverages for you to enjoy during your spa day.  The only place we ask guests not to take their drink is The Relaxation Lounge, where you can enjoy a Zero Gravity Massage.

What spa services do you offer anyways?

We aren’t your traditional day spa, and you can indulge in various unique spa services, including Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna, and Zero Gravity Massage. Your private Beer Therapy™ Room has a relaxation deck, rain shower, infrared sauna, and cedar hydrotherapy tub. You can also enjoy group and party spa day packages.

How does the self-serve beer wall work?

The self-serve beer wall is one of our favorite features. You can pour any beverage you’d like, as much or little as you prefer, by following these simple steps:
  1. When you arrive at Oakwell Beer Spa, we’ll give you a card you can scan to unlock the taps on the beverage wall.
  2. Check out the rotating selection of High Hop’s beers. We also have wine and cider if you’re looking for something else. On the beer wall, you’ll also find tasting notes and the price per ounce for each drink.
  3. Select your beverage, scan your card, and pour.
  4. When you’re ready to check out, you’ll take your card to the reception desk to pay for the ounces poured.

Can I just stop by for a beer without a spa treatment?

Please do! We love for guests to stop in and enjoy a beverage, with or without an appointment. Our cozy taproom oasis is the perfect place to kick back and have a drink (or a few).

Does Oakwell Beer Spa have anything else to drink besides beer?

Yes, we offer various drink options. We understand beer isn’t for everyone, or sometimes you’re up for something else. You can also have wine, cider, kombucha, and tea at Oakwell Beer Spa.

Can I hang out in the taproom before and after my treatments?

Absolutely! We welcome guests to hang out in the taproom for as long or as little as you’d like before or after your spa day. It’s an excellent date night spot or place to spend time with friends.

Relax Differently at Oakwell Beer Spa with High Hops

Escape the heat this June in Denver and at Oakwell Beer Spa. Enjoy a unique and relaxing spa day with delicious beers. You can schedule your appointment online or call us to book a group spa day. Or feel free to stop in without an appointment to check out the taproom and Relaxation Lounge. By: Polly Clover