Beer Bath Hydrotherapy: A Complete Guide & FAQ

man and women enjoying a beer bath

Beer Bath Hydrotherapy: A Complete Guide & FAQ

If you’ve never heard of beer bath hydrotherapy, you’re in for a treat! Or maybe you have, and you want to learn more. In this complete guide, we’re going to tell you all about this unique spa treatment and answer all of your questions.

Beer baths have been around for many years. In fact, the first one dates back to the year 921 in the Duke of Bohemia, now known as the Czech Republic. Learn more about that here.

So why is beer therapy a rejuvenating experience worth indulging in? Keep reading to find out all the details! We’ll share what beer bath hydrotherapy is, its benefits, and what you can expect from this spa service.

What is Beer Bath Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is essentially a type of therapy where you submerge yourself in hot or cold water in an effort to induce tranquility while simultaneously reducing aches and pains. And, beer-infused baths take this up a notch. Think of it as a reinvigorating beer hot tub with tons of wellness benefits!

At Oakwell Beer Spa, our beer bath hydrotherapy takes place in a cedar bathtub that’s filled with a blend of seasonal herbs, hops, and barley. These herbs and beer’s main ingredients provide many health and wellness benefits when used topically.

couple in beer bath
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa

Beer Bath Hydrotherapy Benefits

Beer therapy doesn’t just mean enjoying a delicious brew. It also means enhanced skin and hair, pain and stress relief, and more.

As you relax in a warm, bubbly bath, the beer bath blend works to provide an abundance of benefits. Hops are a natural sedative and provide anti-aging and calming effects. Meanwhile, barley boasts vitamins and antioxidants that nourish your hair, skin, and nails.

Let’s check out the benefits you can expect from beer bath hydrotherapy:

Improves Skin

Although it may come as a surprise, one of the most significant benefits of a beer-infused bath is improved skin. As you submerge yourself in hot water, your pores open up, allowing the bath blend’s antioxidants and nutrients to plunge deep below the skin’s surface. In turn, you enjoy restored skin that looks more vibrant and youthful than before.

Alleviates Muscle Tension

We know how great a warm bath feels. That’s because warm water gets our blood flowing, which automatically promotes overall cell growth and improves organ function. And, did you know this same circulation is also necessary for relieving muscle tension? Whether you’re an athlete, have a strenuous job, or simply struggle with a pulled muscle, beer therapy can help immensely.

Improves Circulation

Aside from reducing muscle tension, improved circulation can have many more positive impacts on the body. 

Improved circulation allows blood and oxygen to flow through the body more readily, reaching your organs with ease, ensuring optimal function. Simultaneously, it encourages new cell growth while repairing damaged cells. 

What does this lead to? A multitude of complementing advantages, such as better sleep and the ability to recover from illnesses.

Relieves Joint Pain

People who struggle with arthritis are directed to find relief with warm water. This is because the gravity’s force that’s pushing on joints is released. And, this works for joint pain related to arthritis or not. The ingredients in beer baths also have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory components that can work wonders for aching joints.

Stress Relief

Do you crave a warm bubble bath after a stressful day? If so, you can think of beer bath hydrotherapy as the ultimate stress-relieving bubble bath! Not only does kicking back in comfort simply feel good, but the ingredients work to calm your mind and body.

As we mentioned, hops are a natural sedative that promote relaxation. Herbal ingredients like citrus and lavender also have calming effects. 

Oakwell Beer Spa takes this up a notch further by offering tasty craft beverages that you can sip on while you indulge in your spa therapy.

Enhances Hair

Dreaming of thick, strong, luscious hair? A beer bath might just be what you need! 

Yes, it’s true! Thanks to barley, bathing in beer can enhance your hair like all the best conditioners can. Barley is known for its skin and hair benefits. It can encourage new hair growth, combat hair loss, restore hair color, and create stronger strands. 

Want to try using barley on your hair at home? Check out Oakwell Beer Spa’s amazing hair products!

2 women taking beer bath
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa

Who (Maybe) Shouldn’t Bathe in Beer

Beer baths are an excellent spa treatment for most people! With that said, there are some cases where other spa services may be best for you. 

If you’re pregnant or taking medications, we recommend you consult your healthcare provider before booking a beer bath hydrotherapy appointment. 

Note: At Oakwell Beer Spa, we can always reduce the heat of your bath if needed. Just let us know when you arrive!

Prepare for a Beer Bath at Oakwell Beer Spa

Ready to book your session? Here’s how to prepare for it:

  • What to wear: Bring a swimsuit if you’d like. Unlike many other spas, we offer private suites, so you can wear a bathing suit or your birthday suit – whatever you prefer.
  • Shower: While reputable facilities have a deep-cleaning and sanitizing process, it’s always good to shower and come to your spa appointment clean.
  • Refill your drink: Top off your drink before starting your experience. While you can always head back to the taproom to top your drink off or use our ring-bell system for a refill, a full beverage always adds to the experience. 
  • Rest: You may want to take a break from your bath, and that’s a-okay. Simply grab a seat on the ledge until you’re ready to sink back in.
  • Drink plenty of water: Much like any other kind of hydrotherapy session, you should consume a good amount of water before, during, and after your visit. This will keep you hydrated and feeling good, so you can reap all of the benefits of your bath.


Have a few more questions about beer bath hydrotherapy? We’re here to answer them!

Do you actually put beer in the baths?

Not quite. As the baths are filled, they’re infused with beer ingredients. Beer baths are created with a blend of herbs, hops, and barley. You can think of it like a giant beer tea that you’re soaking in instead of drinking!

Is there yeast in your beer baths?

No, there isn’t. There’s no yeast in the baths, and the mixture isn’t fermented. Instead, the bath consists of a herbal blend with a base of hops and malted barley.

What are the benefits of beer bath hydrotherapy?

There are so many benefits! They include enhanced skin, stress relief, improved circulation, pain alleviation, nourished hair, better sleep, and more.

Is a beer bath better alone or with someone?

Like most spa treatments, you can enjoy your bath alone or with a friend. A beer-infused bath offers tons of wellness benefits whether you’re solo or not. Use it as a self-care experience or as an outing to reconnect with your significant other or friend. We even have party packages at Oakwell Beer Spa!

Are there rules for taking beer baths?

There are a few! The most important one is that you enjoy your experience and allow others around you to also enjoy theirs. While some beer spas, especially those in Prague, are party-oriented, Oakwell Beer Spa encourages you to relax while reaping the wellness benefits of beer therapy. 

Additionally, we recommend staying hydrated and finishing up your spa treatments in your allotted time. Other than that, beer bath hydrotherapy is pretty easy!

Beer Bath Key Takeaways

Beer-infused baths are a unique spa treatment that boasts wellness benefits like no other. Unwind while relieving aches and pains, improving your circulation, enhancing your hair and skin, and alleviating stress. At Oakwell Beer Spa, we offer a modern spa experience with a craft beer taproom so you can sip on a local brew (or other beverage) while you enjoy your beer bath.

We also have an online shop if you want to create your own DIY beer-oriented spa day at home!