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Is Beer Good for Skin? (& The Best Beer Skincare Products)


Is Beer Good for Skin? (& The Best Beer Skincare Products)

Are you interested in revamping your skincare routine or wondering is beer good for skin? If so, you're in the right place! In this article, we'll answer that question and discuss beer wellness, skincare benefits, and the best beer skincare products. We’ll also share science-backed information about how beer affects your skin. Spoiler: Beer is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. More on that below!

Beer Wellness Benefits

Did you know enjoying beer (in moderation!) can offer wellness benefits? This is surprising to many people because how can an alcoholic drink be good for you? But beer actually has various ingredients packed with Vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your physical and mental health.  According to cosmetic biochemist Cindy Jones, PhD, beer ingredients like hops and malt can help enhance your skin's health and appearance. Hops can also decrease stress and anxiety. Note: It’s best to stick to a beer or 2 per day to reap the benefits without having the adverse effects of too much alcohol. Beer applied to the skin can work even more magic for your skincare routine. More on this below!

Is Beer Good for Skin?

Yes, beer ingredients like hops, malt, and barley are great for the skin. Is beer the secret skincare product we’ve been dreaming of for so long? Maybe! the beer spa tumbler Beer ingredients are an excellent addition to any skincare routine for radiant, young-looking skin that feels great. Even if you don’t have any skin concerns, beer ingredients can enhance the skin you already love. Best of all, you can use beer for skincare even if you don’t drink it! Related read: 9 Beer Skincare Products for Amazing Skin and Hair

Beer Skincare Benefits

So how exactly is beer good for skin? It has ideal ingredients for cleansing, anti-aging, hydration, and more!

Deep Cleanses and Rids of Toxins & Bacteria

Beer’s main ingredients, hops and barley, work better than almost any other skincare product to cleanse skin toxins and bacteria. As your body eliminates these harsh components, your skin naturally feels and looks cleaner and better.

Smooth Fines Lines & Wrinkles

Beer contains malt, which is known to smooth collagen and elasticity and improve circulation, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Using beer for skincare is a great way to prevent premature aging! 

Reduces Inflammation & Redness

Hops are also loaded with antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties. Applying hops to the skin reduces inflammation and redness. Not only does treating inflammation help the appearance of your skin, but beer can also decrease inflammation in the body that may cause joint pain and other discomforts.

Hydrates the Skin

Tired of dry skin? Another main ingredient of beer is yeast, which is rich in Vitamin B. Vitamin B works well to hydrate and nourish the skin better than some of the most popular skincare products!

How to Use Beer on Skin

Oakwell Beer Spa Beer Bath Tea So, how is beer even used on the skin? Whether you drink beer or not, you can use beer on your skin to cleanse deeply, prevent premature aging, and look and feel more nourished and radiant. The best ways to use beer on the skin are by applying beer topicals, having a beer spa day, and enjoying a beer bath (at home or a spa).

Apply Beer Topicals: Lotion, Soap, Shampoo, & Conditioner

See our favorite beer skincare products below! Over the years, beer topicals have become more available and popular. The key is using beer skincare products that don’t also contain harmful ingredients. Oakwell Beer Spa’s skincare line offers natural, beer-infused products for anyone to use and enjoy!  Here are the best beer topicals, all rich in vitamins and nutrients:
  • Body Soap: wash away toxins and bacteria with a fragrant soap
  • Body Wash: to deep cleanse and take your natural glow up a notch
  • Body Lotion: to refresh, smooth, and soften your skin (& smell great!)

Have a Beer Spa Day

That’s right! Beer spas are a thing. You can find an award-winning beer-inspired day spa in Denver, Colorado, at Oakwell Beer Spa. Enjoy local craft beer, a beer bath, and other unique day spa treatments for the ultimate relaxation and wellness experience.

Take a Beer Bath (At Home or the Spa)

Is beer good for skin? couple taking a beer bath
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa
Soaking in a warm beer bath is incredibly rejuvenating and beneficial. This is the perfect way to take advantage of beer ingredients. As you relax in a beer bath, your pores open up to take in all the nutrients and vitamins for calming, anti-aging, and hydrating effects. Fun fact: baths are one of the best ways to get rid of dead skin cells for fresher than ever skin. Purchase Oakwell Beer Spa's Beer Bath Tea and create your very own beer bath at home. It gives spa day vibes and is easy to use. Simply place the uplifting, aromatic blend of hops, malted barley, and herbs in a bag right into your bath.

Is Beer Good for Skin? FAQs

We know beer for skin care is a new concept to many! Here are some answers to common questions related to beer skincare.

Do I have to drink beer to reap the benefits of beer skincare?

No, you definitely don’t have to drink beer to take advantage of the benefits. Your skin can appreciate beer’s nutrients and antioxidants without drinking it. Using natural, beer ingredient-infused products is an excellent way to reap the benefits without drinking beer.

What’s the best way to treat skin with beer products?

Topical beer skincare products like soaps and lotion are a great way to treat your skin. Applying skincare products made with the best beer ingredients (like these) can hydrate your skin, treat premature aging, and reduce redness and inflammation.
beer-infused body soap for skincare
Oakwell Beer Spa's Beer-Infused Body Soaps

Are there any cons to using beer skincare products?

If you use natural products with the best beer ingredients, there shouldn't be any cons. The key is to read the ingredients. Hops, barley, and malt contain valuable vitamins and antioxidants.  Tip: We also recommend looking for beer skincare products that are paraben, silicone, sulfate, and cruelty-free.

Is Beer Good for Skin? Final Thoughts

We hope this article answered your question, is beer good for skin, and helped you understand how you can reap skincare benefits from beer. Not only does beer taste great (for beer drinkers!), but anyone can use beer skincare products for nourished, radiant skin.  Shop for the best natural beer skincare products here!

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