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Dec 08, 2023 • 5 min read • By: Polly Clover

15+ Hidden Gems in Denver: Top Recommendations From Locals


The Best Can’t-Miss Hidden Gems in Denver

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, Denver is more popular than ever. And there’s no shortage of off-the-beaten-path locations to explore. In this article, we’ll share 15+ hidden gems in Denver and nearby.

With so many hidden things to do in Denver and special gems, it’s easy to get away from the hustle and enjoy unique experiences. From secluded outdoor activities and quaint restaurants to a one-of-a-kind spa and special shopping opportunities, there’s something for everyone. 

What are the best hidden gems in Denver?

The best hidden gems in Denver, Colorado, take you to a lesser-known art district, can't-miss breweries, and a beer spa. 

taproom at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver
Oakwell Beer Spa, Taproom

Here’s a quick rundown of Denver hidden gems. We’ll share more details below!

  1. Bluff Lake Nature Center
  2. Art District on Santa Fe
  3. I Heart Denver
  4. Fox Run Cafe
  5. Temper Chocolates
  6. Oakwell Beer Spa
  7. Sofia's Roman Pizza
  8. Cerveceria Colorado
  9. Point Easy
  10. Linger
  11. Adams Mystery Playhouse
  12. Millers & Rossi
  13. Room For Milly
  14. La Bouche Wine Bar
  15. So Many Roads

1. Bluff Lake Nature Center

Denver and its surrounding area are known for an incredible outdoor scene. Check out Bluff Lake Nature Center if you want to explore nature in a more secluded location.

This 123-acre wildlife refuge is situated on the outskirts of the city along Sand Creek. The refuge boasts picture-perfect scenery, an abundance of wildlife, and various running and walking paths.

Tip: Visit Bluff Lake Nature Center for an epic sunset over Denver’s skyline.

2. Art District on Santa Fe

Denver’s arts scene is vibrant, and while RiNo (River North Art District) is a popular area, the Art District of Santa Fe is a must-visit.

This colorful stretch of Santa Fe Drive showcases wall art and galleries. The Art District also has spots to enjoy eclectic food and drinks, monthly art walks, and summer outdoor films.

3. I Heart Denver

If you enjoy shopping, I Heart Denver is the place to go! This isn’t your traditional gift shop. There are many unique Denver-themed gifts, art, and apparel.

We love that local makers and designers create the items at I Heart Denver!

4. Fox Run Cafe

Fox Run Cafe is a personal favorite because of its award-winning brunch! It's been voted Best Brunch in Denver, and for great reason. 

This homey cafe serves delicious brunch and drinks. And they've recently extended their hours so you can enjoy their amazing menu in the afternoon and evening too!

5. Temper Chocolates

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on Temper Chocolates! Tucked in the lively Denver Central Market, Temper Chocolates and Confections is easily one of the best places in Colorado to get gourmet chocolate. 

6. Oakwell Beer Spa

Oakwell Beer Spa is one of the most unique day spas, offering a relaxation experience unlike any other. 

beer bath hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver
Oakwell Beer Spa, Beer Bath Hydrotherapy

While traveling around the world looking for epic business ideas, Jessica and Damien, an American-French couple, discovered bathing in beer. This concept inspired them to create a leveled-up spa experience.

Enjoy beer-inspired spa treatments and a cozy taproom oasis that serves locally brewed craft beers and other delicious beverages. It’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and unwind.

Oakwell Beer Spa might be a secret slice of paradise in Denver, but it has won many awards, including TIME’s World’s Greatest Places.


7. Sofia's Roman Pizza

With many Italian options in Denver, it can be challenging to choose which one. We recommend Sofia's Roman Pizza

This fast-casual concept focuses on Roman-style pizza and salads, and they’re delicious. There’s also a full bar with Italian-inspired cocktails, beer, and wine.

8. Millers & Rossi

There aren’t many better places to enjoy handcrafted cocktails and snacks in an upscale atmosphere than Millers & Rossi

This hip, dim-lit lounge is hidden behind an art gallery in the popular RiNo neighborhood and offers the perfect atmosphere for drinks on a night out.

9. Point Easy

When you’re hoping for a cozy neighborhood spot for tasty food and incredible hospitality, look further than Point Easy

This relaxed but modern restaurant is tucked away in the historic Whittier neighborhood and is one of our Denver go-tos. The menu focuses on local, seasonal fare to keep things fresh!

10. Linger

If you want to change things up and do something different at one of the most unique hidden gems of Denver, check out Linger in the Lower Highland neighborhood.

Once an old mortuary, Linger is now a lively restaurant with a rooftop lounge and global small plates created in a repurposed food truck that’s now a kitchen!

11. Adams Mystery Playhouse

Dinner with cocktails meets murder mystery meets at Adams Mystery Playhouse.

As Denver’s best and only full-time Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, Adams Mystery Playhouse is the place to go when you want to do something unusual and fun. Enjoy a delicious meal with drinks, then laugh the night away as professional actors create an interactive, clever story.

12. Cerveceria Colorado

Cerveceria Colorado in Denver
Cerveceria Colorado

Denver’s beer scene is unmatched! And one of our favorite hidden gems in Denver for local beer is Cerveceria Colorado.

This unique and colorful brewery celebrates Mexican culture and uses traditional ingredients, flavors, and processes to make innovative brews. 

13. Room For Milly

Enjoy drinks inspired by travel in a modern and unique space at Room for Milly. This adorable cocktail bar also serves bites and plates and offers ample indoor and outdoor seating. The charming terrace is the perfect photo op too!

14. La Bouche Wine Bar

Another local favorite is La Bouche Wine Bar, a French-American wine bar owned by husband and wife team Alexandra & Alexis Tréton. 

The couple moved here from France to pursue their dream of opening up a wine bar, and La Bouche is top-notch. The outdoor patio or cozy indoor area has ample seating to enjoy your experience.

15. So Many Roads

Get playful while enjoying drinks and music at So Many Roads. This funky bohemian brewhouse has live music, arcade games, and music memorabilia. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed environment while having fun!

Hidden Gems Near Denver

Be sure to check out some of the best off-the-beaten-path spots near Denver too.

  • New Image Brewing: a casual, industrial-inspired brewery with an eclectic menu (Arvada, CO)
  • High Hops Brewery: a brewery surrounded by a hops field with an indoor beer garden and outdoor patio (Windsor, CO)
  • Cherry Creek State Park: a large state park with a natural prairie, wetland environment, and unique activities, including model airplane flying, horseback riding, and more (Aurora, CO)
  • Mount Falcon Park: a scenic public park off the beaten path with trails, overlooks, and historical sites (Morrison, CO)
  • Downtown Littleton: a charming downtown area with restaurants, cafes, shops, and a small park (Main Street, Littleton, CO

Hidden Gems in Denver: FAQ

To help you make the most of Denver hidden gems, we’ll answer a few common questions below.

Denver city views

Why do people like Denver so much?

People love Denver because of its vibrant culture and ideal mix of city and nature. It’s filled with iconic activities and attractions, but there are also so many unique things to do in Denver off the beaten path.

What is cool about Denver?

There are many cool things about Denver, with some of the best things being a one-of-a-kind beer spa, countless microbreweries, and outdoor adventures.

What is the hippest neighborhood in Denver?

River North Arts District (RiNo) is considered Denver's most hip neighborhood. Its tagline, "Where Art is Made," fits the bill. RiNo boasts art galleries, trendy event venues, and colorful murals.

Enjoy Hidden Gems in Denver!

We hope this article inspired you to explore hidden things to do in Denver. We love the many secret places and activities the Mile High City offers and want you to enjoy them too.

Book your Oakwell Beer Spa experience to enjoy the most unique spa day in Colorado.

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