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May 05, 2023 • 6 min read • By: Polly Clover

Best Father’s Day Beer Gifts for 2023: Celebrate Beer-Loving Dads


Best Father's Day Beer Gifts for 2023: Celebrate Beer-Loving Dads

Father’s Day is around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about how you can celebrate the special dad in your life. If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day beer gifts, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll share 19 special gifts for brew-loving dads, including a personalized beer gift, self-care products, and other fun items. We'll also answer common questions about how you can make this Father’s Day one for the books. The best part about these fun gifts is that you don’t have to know anything about beer. Give one or a few of these this Father’s Day and impress the special beer lover in your life. We’ve got something for all the beer-loving dads!

19 Unique Father’s Day Beer Gifts

Whether you're celebrating a beer-snob dad or one who enjoys the occasional cold brew, you'll find the perfect present below. There's something for everyone from small to big and simple to fancy.

Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

beer tumbler; father's day beer giftsWhat beer lover doesn’t want to keep their drink nice and chilled? Ditch the beer mug and go for an insulated stainless steel tumbler with a lid. This is the perfect gift for any dad who enjoys a cold one. Unlike the standard beer glass, it keeps drinks icy cold no matter what, even around a warm campfire. You can also use this tumbler for a warm beverage. Shop for the insulated steel tumbler.

A Trip to Oakwell Beer Spa

Oakwell Beer Spa; father's day beer gifts If you're celebrating Father's Day in Denver or planning a trip, a spa day at Oakwell Beer Spa is an incredible gift for beer lovers. Oakwell Beer Spa is a unique, award-winning day spa in Denver, Colorado. Dads can enjoy a special Father's Day experience at Oakwell Beer Spa.  The Father's Day spa day package includes:
  • a VIP experience for two
  • an hour and a half relaxing in a private beer therapy room
  • a $15 cosmetic mini bar credit
  • a 15-minute zero gravity massage (for two)
  • a bottle of French sparkling wine
  • a charcuterie board paired with gourmet chocolates
Book the Father's Day spa package.

An At-Home Beer-Inspired Spa Day

spa day gift basket; father's day beer gifts Can’t make it to Oakwell Beer Spa? Set up an at-home spa day paired with Dad's favorite beer for a gift that’s sure to impress, and it offers many wellness benefits, including improved skin, hair, and mind. Shop Oakwell Beer Spa for spa day items.

Beer Body Wash

body wash A beer-infused body wash that smells great is one of the best Father's Day beer gifts for dads who has everything. Many men don't even know beer body wash is a thing, so they love this!  Oakwell Beer Spa's beer body wash is a gentle, creamy body wash that's infused with a purifying blend of botanical extracts that cleanses while soothing the mind. Dads enjoy its oats, roasted barley, vanilla, and orange aroma. Shop for the beer body wash.

Beer Game

Are you buying a beer gift for a dad who likes to have a good time? Consider buying a beer game. Uncommon Goods has many beer games, including a "brews around the world" quiz game, mini beer pong, and a couple's drinking game. Shop for beer games.

Beer Shampoo & Conditioner

shampoo & conditioner; father's day beer gifts One of our favorite beer gifts is shampoo and conditioner. That's right, you can cleanse and treat your hair with beer-inspired products. Options include a moisturizing beer shampoo made with beer ingredients, aloe vera, silk amino acids, and honey and a strengthening beer shampoo made with cedarwood, wheat protein, and willow bark. They both have incredible scents that dads love! Take it up a notch and gift your shampoo with a beer conditioner. One offers ultimate moisture, while the other treats dry hair. Shop for the beer shampoo and conditioner.

Beer Shirt

Why not dress up in beer? Beer shirts by Wear Your Beer come in all styles and colors. Gift a beer shirt with a specific logo or fun beer quote. With over 500 shirts to choose from, there's something for any dad! Shop for beer shirts.

Custom Beer Labels

Does your beer-loving dad brew their own beer? Custom beer labels are a unique gift perfect for this. StickerYou lets you create your very own custom label or use a template to keep it simple yet creative. Shop for custom beer labels.

Hopped Up Coffee

If you're looking for Father's Day gifts for a dad who likes coffee and beer, Hopped Up Coffee is an awesome gift. This unique coffee features notes of hops and barley, offering a delicious combinate of caffeine with beer flavor. Shop for Hopped Up Coffee.

Herbal Beer Bath Tea

bath tea This Herbal Beer Bath Tea is one of our favorite Father's Day beer gifts for dads who love relaxing in a warm bath. It has a unique minty, woody, herbal aroma for an uplifting bath experience. To use the tea bag, all you have to do is remove it from the pouch, place it in a warm tub of water, and sit back and relax. We love this paired with the tumbler for a relaxing bath while enjoying a cold beverage. Shop for the herbal beer bath.

A Book About Beer

If the beer-lover in your life also enjoys reading, there are many great book options. Here are a few that we love:
  • Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink: tells everything a reader might want to know about beer
  • The Bucket List: Beer: shares 1,000 adventures of pubs, breweries, and festivals worldwide (ideal for beer-loving travelers)
  • Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide from the Pairing Pros: gives ideas for how to pair food and beer like an expert
  • The Complete Joy of Home Brewing: teaches beer enthusiasts how to brew at home

Brew Fridge

Looking for a deluxe gift? Consider a beer fridge to keep all those cold ones extra chilled. Many beer refrigerators aren't just mini-fridges but are made especially for maintaining cold brews. These are ideal for dads who enjoy entertaining over a cold one or collecting beer. Shop for the best beer refrigerators of 2023.

Shower Beer Holder

There aren't many things better than a shower beer. Give the special dad in your life an innovative holder specially designed to stick to the shower wall that conveniently holds any standard beer can. Shop for a shower beer holder.

Hop-Infused Beard Oil

beard oil This hop-infused beard oil is perfect if you're looking for the best Father's Day beer gifts for a bearded dad. It's made with beer hops, cedarwood, rosemary, and lime to moisturize and strengthen beards. The beard oil also nourishes and tames beards and gives off a herbal, woodsy, and clean aroma. Best of all, it's almost effortless to use: simply place a few drops into your hands and work into a dry beard. Shop for the hop-infused beard oil.

Beer Soap

beer soap; father's day beer gifts You can wow anyone who loves beer with a specially crafted beer-infused body soap. These beer soaps are made with beer ingredients and natural extracts to thoroughly cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Beer soap options include oatmeal stout, lavender tripel, Bourbon barrel-aged stout, and black IPA.  Shop for beer soaps.

Personalized Pint Glass

Dad may already have a few pint glasses, but does he have a personalized one? There are many fun options for customizing a pint glass for Dad to sip from! Keep it straightforward but meaningful with his name or initials, or make it exciting with a special photo on the glass. Shop for a pint glass.

Beer Bottle Opener

Every beer drinker needs a beer bottle opener. Change things up with something unique, including a recycled, sports-related, or wooden bottle opener. Shop for unique beer bottle openers.

Beer Art

Home decor and unique beer gifts combine into one with beer art. There are many special options for beer art, so you can find the ideal gift for the incredible dad in your life, from quirky beer paintings to brew definition artwork. Shop for beer art.

Beer Therapy Gift Box

gift box; father's day beer gifts If you’re looking to go big while celebrating the amazing dad in your life, give the gift of ultimate relaxation with a beer therapy™ gift box. These gift boxes allow dads to enjoy a spa day at home with unique beer products, from beer bath tea and a stainless steel cup to beer skincare products and a beer hair mask. Shop for beer therapy™ gift boxes.

Father's Day Beer Gifts: FAQ

As you prepare to celebrate the beer-devoted dad in your life, let’s answer a few common questions!

When is Father’s Day 2023?

Father's Day is on Sunday, June 18th, 2023. With Father's Day coming soon, it's time to decide on a special gift. For convenience, you can order any of the gifts above online. Fun Fact: According to the US Census Bureau, Father’s Day became an official holiday in 1966. 

What do you get a beer-loving dad?

If your dad's a beer lover, there are many gift options, including a gift box from Oakwell Beer Spa, a beer t-shirt, or a 6-pack of craft brews from your local brewery. Shop for beer gift boxes here.

What can I put in a beer basket?

Anything beer-related goes great in a beer basket! Here's a quick list of excellent beer basket items that are perfect for anyone: And don’t forget to toss in a can or 2 of a tasty craft beer from your local brewery or online.

What are the best unique beer gifts?

When it comes to the best unique dad beer gifts, you want to pick something you know he doesn't already have, like beer-inspired hair and skincare products. In our list of brew presents above, you'll notice that we share many of these because dads deserve to treat themselves, too! And what better way to do it than with beer products?  Shop hair and skincare products.

Father's Day Beer Gifts: Conclusion

We hope you’ve found the perfect present on our list of the best Father’s Day beer gifts for 2023! Most importantly, any meaningful gift you choose for the special dad in your life is a fantastic gift. Shop all beer-related gift ideas at Oakwell Beer Spa here.

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