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Dec 01, 2021 • 5 min read • By: Polly Clover

December Tap Takeover at Oakwell Beer Spa: Left Hand Brewing Co.


December Tap Takeover at Oakwell Beer Spa: Left Hand Brewing Co.

If you’re looking for fun activities in Denver, Colorado this December, you’re in the right place! Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver is a day spa that has combined unique spa services with a craft beer taproom. Every month, we feature a local brewery, and this month we’re excited to be serving tasty brews from Left Hand Brewing Company! We’ve partnered with Left Hand Brewing Co, located in Longmont and one of Colorado’s most honored and recognized breweries. Throughout December, we’ll be featuring 5 of their best brews in our taproom for you to enjoy while you treat yourself to a day at the spa. Left Hand Brewing Company has been making incredible beer for close to 30 years. Their motto is “damn good beer because of damn good people.” We can’t wait for you to come and enjoy their brews with us! Left Hand Brewing Company logo - tap takeover at Oakwell Beer Spa

Fun Facts About Left Hand Brewing Company

Left Hand is doing incredible things, which is why we want to share them with you. Let’s check out some fun facts before we dive into their beers you can find at Oakwell Beer Spa this December!
  • Air force friends Eric Wallace and Dick Doore originally started Left Hand Brewing as a hobby almost 30 years ago.
  • Left Hand Brewing Company has 5 core values: do the right thing, embrace differences, help others, improve yourself, and be an owner.
  • They do things differently, like hand juicing the ginger for their beer, Good Juju, and they also invented American nitro bottled beer.
  • In 2011, Left Hand Brewing Co. changed craft beer history by introducing Milk Stout Nitro in a bottle, and in 2017, they introduced the first-ever US production run of a United States made nitro widget can for easy drinking on the go.
  • Their beer, Wheels Gose Round (featured at Oakwell Beer Spa), has raised over 5 million dollars! This money goes towards finding and funding cures and medications for those who battle with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Not only is their beer delicious, but Left Hand really cares about their employees! Each Spring, anyone that has worked at the brewery for a multiple of 5 years gets to enjoy a week-long trip to a European destination with a focus on beer, food, culture, and comradery. They’ve explored places like the Czech Republic, UK, Germany, and Belgium.
  • Left Hand works toward implementing more and more sustainability efforts to be an environmentally conscious company. They’ve established practices to conserve energy, save water, and produce less waste.
  • As one of the most award-winning breweries in the state of Colorado, Left Hand Brewing Company has been recognized many times. They’ve even earned multiple awards from the Great American Beer Festival over the years.

December Brews at Oakwell Beer Spa

So, you’re probably wondering what tasty Left Hand beer you can enjoy at Oakwell Beer Spa this December. Let’s take a look!

1265 Pilsner

Pilsner, 5.2% ABV, 23 IBU If you like sipping traditional pilsners, this one’s for you! The 1265 Pilsner offers delicate hop notes of citrus and a subtle spicy character. Its light bready malts are reminiscent of a freshly baked baguette. [caption id="attachment_3860" align="aligncenter" width="800"]1265 Pilsner - Left Hand Brewing Company at Oakwell Beer Spa Left Hand Brewing Company 1265 Pilsner[/caption]

Wheels Gose Round

Gose, 4.4% ABV, 14 IBU Enjoy a day at the spa while supporting a good cause! The Wheels Gose Round tastes great and benefits the National MS Society. This Raspberry Lemon Gose is refreshingly tart with a twist of lemon and a hint of salt. [caption id="attachment_3864" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Wheels Gose Round - Left Hand Brewing Company at Oakwell Beer Spa Left Hand Brewing Company Wheels Gose Round[/caption]

Wook Bait IPA

IPA, 6.0% ABV, 37 IBU This delicious IPA is brewed with a kaleidoscope of Lotus, Galaxy, and Azacca hops. It reveals notes of mango, orange, cantaloupe, and peach. Sounds like a great spa treatment pairing! [caption id="attachment_3865" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Wook Bait - Left Hand Brewing Company at Oakwell Beer Spa Left Hand Brewing Company Wook Bait[/caption]


Amber Ale, 6.2% ABV, 40 IBU This Amber Ale is Left Hand’s original flagship! It’s the perfect balance between chewy malt and herbal earthy hops, leaving a crisp, dry finish. [caption id="attachment_3863" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Sawtooth - Left Hand Brewing Company at Oakwell Beer Spa Left Hand Brewing Company Sawtooth[/caption]

Milk Stout

Stout, 6.0% ABV, 25 IBU Pair your relaxing spa treatment with this creamy Milk Stout. This tasty beer is brewed with roasted chocolate malt with sweetened coffee, espresso, and chocolate notes. [caption id="attachment_3862" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Milk Stout - Left Hand Brewing Company at Oakwell Beer Spa Left Hand Brewing Company Milk Stout[/caption]

December’s Beer Bath Blend at Oakwell Beer Spa

When you visit Oakwell Beer Spa, you’ll get to soak in a therapeutic herbal bath that’s packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Your bubbly beer bath consists of a blend of hops, barley, and seasonal medical herbs. This blend provides wellness benefits for your mind, hair, and skin.  December’s beer bath blend includes Laurel Hops and Special B Malt from Left Hand’s Wook Bait IPA, plus aromatic mistletoe. This warming blend protects from winter skin irritants, is a soothing antiseptic, and has anti-aging properties.


Do you have a few more questions about your upcoming visit to Oakwell Beer Spa? We’d love to answer them!

Can I really drink beer during my spa treatments?

Definitely! Upon arrival, we’ll give you a double-wall insulated, stainless steel tumbler that can be used in our taproom and in your Beer Therapy™ Room. While you’re relaxing in the sauna and beer bath and rinsing off in the rain shower, your beverage will stay cold in our custom-made cups. You can find a robe and slippers in your Beer Therapy Room™ in case you need to run out and refill your drink. There’s also a ring bell system if you’d like your refill brought to you. The only place we ask that you not take your drink is in the Relaxation Lounge, where we have our Zero Gravity Massage chairs for you to enjoy.

What spa services do you offer anyways?

If you’ve never visited a beer spa, you’re in for a treat! Not only do we serve craft beverages, including beer, wine, cider, and nonalcoholic beverages, but we also offer various unique spa treatments. At Oakwell Beer Spa, you can enjoy a Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna, and Zero Gravity Massage chairs. Take a look at our services here!

How does the self-serve beer wall work?

Our self-serve beer wall offers a unique, fun, and straightforward experience! All you have to do is follow these steps:
  1. When you arrive at Oakwell Beer Spa, you’ll get a card that unlocks the taps on the beverage wall.
  2. Check out our rotating selection of local beer, wine, and cider. You can also take a look at the tasting notes and price per ounce for each beverage.
  3. Choose your drink, scan your card, and pour as much or little as you’d like.
  4. When you’re ready to check out, you’ll bring your card to the reception desk and pay for the ounces of beverage you poured.

Can I just stop by for a beer without a spa treatment?

You sure can! Our relaxing taproom is open for anyone to come and hang out in while you enjoy our beverages, whether you book a spa treatment or not.

Does Oakwell Beer Spa have anything else to drink besides beer?

Absolutely! If you’re not up for beer when you visit us, we’ve got plenty of other options for you. In addition to craft beer, we offer other alcoholic beverages and nonalcoholic beverages. In our taproom, you can also find cider, wine, kombucha, and tea.

Can I hang out in the taproom before and after my treatments?

Please do! We’ve created a cozy oasis where you can hang out before and after you enjoy your spa treatments. Kick back, grab a drink, and read a book or chat with friends.   Look no further for what to do in Denver this December! If you’re ready to relax differently at Denver’s most unique day spa while enjoying a delicious beverage, book your appointment at Oakwell Beer Spa!

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