The Most Romantic & Relaxing Wedding Anniversary Denver Date

A Denver date at Oakwell Beer Spa


The Most Romantic & Relaxing Wedding Anniversary Denver Date

If you’re planning a Denver date, you’re in the right place! In this article, guest author Abby Price with Trekking Price’s shares her romantic anniversary date experience she enjoyed with her husband at Oakwell Beer Spa.

Last week, my husband and I were ecstatic to have celebrated our second wedding anniversary! We knew that we wanted to experience our anniversary in a unique and relaxing way, so we decided to check out Oakwell Beer Spa for a romantic Denver date. 

We had read many phenomenal reviews about Oakwell Beer Spa and loved the sound of it due to my husband and I’s love for trying new experiences and indulging in a few pints of cold beer. However, we had little to no knowledge of what exactly a Beer Spa was. We knew that it was a combination of a taproom and a spa day but were eager to learn more, so we checked out the article What is a Beer Spa? Its Origin, What to Expect & Services Explained.

Right away, we felt especially passionate about trying out this experience after reading about the owners, Jessica and Damien’s, love for international travel and their entrepreneurial spirits. As a young married couple, we are always seeking new adventures and experiences together and really resonated with Jessica and Damien’s story. We quickly fell in love with the concept of Oakwell Beer Spa and the history behind it and knew we had to try this unique experience for ourselves.

As we arrived at Oakwell Beer Spa, we were quickly greeted with smiling faces and the best aroma possible. As soon as you step inside the doors, you are whisked away by the smell in the air, the perfect spa-like atmosphere.

Oakwell Beer Spa Tour

We checked in with one of their beer therapists, slipped off our shoes and into some spa sandals, and were escorted on a quick tour of the facilities. As we were walking around the spa, it was remarkable to see the tiny details and thoughtful touches that Oakwell Beer Spa owners and associates have implemented so that you have a one-of-a-kind experience. We especially loved that they had a little seating area for a cool-down spot, in case you got too hot during the beer tub or sauna experience, you could come out to these beautiful red chairs where the temperature was a bit cooler. From the seating areas to the sweet fragrance in the air and the beautiful wall art, everything was charming and intimate.

The Taproom

Once the tour concluded, we were guided to the beer taps, where the beer therapist gave us a quick overview of the different types of beer, seltzers, and wine on tap and showed us where the complimentary snacks were held. 

Oakwell Beer Spa's taproom
Oakwell Beer Spa’s taproom

We were eager to try their September Tap Takeover Beer by Platt Park Brewing Company and we were not disappointed. There were several options to choose from and each one that we tried was delicious. The beer was cold, hoppy, and just the right touch for the warm atmosphere.

The Beer Therapy Room

After hanging out in the cozy seating area, we were escorted to our beer therapy room! As soon as the door opened to our room, my husband and I were blown away by the thoughtful touches, elegant surroundings, and enchanting aesthetic of the room. As we walked inside, our eyes were immediately drawn to the romantic tub. Beside it were beautiful wooden touches with towels neatly laid out. On the other side of the wall was the tranquil infrared sauna and off to the side was a modern sleek shower. The room was surrounded by romantic touches from the color scheme to the wood design throughout. The beer therapist gave us a quick rundown of the different features in the Beer Therapy™ room along with a recommended suggestion that we try the infrared sauna, a cold shower, and then hop into the beer tub to get the optimal experience. 

Infrared Sauna

To start our fun anniversary Denver date, we quickly changed into our swimsuits and made our way to the infrared sauna. We truly enjoyed the small and heartfelt touches that Oakwell Beer Spa includes in their beer therapy rooms. As we were about to head into the sauna we grabbed the small timer outside of the door that let us know when twenty minutes had gone by. We loved this because it kept track of the time for us without us having to constantly look at our phones or glance down at a watch.

As we laid down in the relaxing sauna we caught a glimpse of some laminated cards hanging on the sauna’s wall with a hundred or so ice breaker questions on it. Even though we have been together for four years and married for two, it’s always fun to ask new and romantic questions with your partner. As we sat in the toasty sauna for about twenty minutes, we laughed and relaxed as we sipped on our delicious beer and read from the icebreaker questions.

Infrared Sauna at Oakwell Beer Spa
Infrared Sauna at Oakwell Beer Spa

Rain Shower

After the sauna, our beer therapist recommended that we take a few minutes in the ice-cold shower before hopping into the beer tub. We did a quick rinse under the chilly shower before ringing the bell in our room for a quick refill. This is another one of the features that we absolutely adored. We loved that you are able to throw on a robe to go refill your own tumbler of beer at the taps but we especially loved that there was essentially a “room service button” that you could press to call your beer therapist!

Beer Bath

Once we got our drinks topped off, we were eager to get into the romantic tub filled with warm water. I’m not going to lie, my husband and I were a bit skeptical of the tub because we weren’t sure if the water was going to be filled with beer, barley, or whatever else comes to mind when you think of a beer bath. We were pleasantly surprised when our beer therapist explained to us the magical ingredients.

Essentially, it’s a romantic giant tub filled with warm water and there is a large “tea bag” filled with malt, herbs, and other ingredients that are supposed to relax your muscles, decrease your stress, help with wrinkles, and other fantastic benefits, that floats in the water with you! We loved that all of these herbs, spices, and other high-quality ingredients were in a bag so that they weren’t floating around touching you or sticking to your skin! Instead, you get all of the added benefits and aroma, without getting all of the mess!

We sat in the tub for nearly an hour, asking more questions from the icebreaker sheet, and relaxing in the warm water as we enjoyed the new experience. Additionally, we loved the thoughtful touches surrounding the tub such as a tray with water and glasses and wooden platforms to sit your drinks on. 

The beer tub’s bubbles come to an automatic stop 20 minutes before your experience is over, as a warning that it’s time to shower and pack up your belongings. We were both sad that our experience was coming to an end but both felt so relaxed and pampered. As we hopped out of the tub, a sign on the wall caught our eye so we scurried over to read it. The picture on the wall talked about how if you have a party of more than two, they can lift the garage doors in between the beer therapy rooms so that you can enjoy your experience with your friends. We thought this was such a cute design that allows for double dates with friends or a small spa party with loved ones!

Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa

After hopping out of the tub and reading the sign, we both took quick showers in our room before gathering our items and heading back out to the soft seating area. Again, we were blown away by the small details that Oakwell Beer Spa had thought of from complimentary
shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to even a hair dryer! They even supplied plastic bags for you to put your wet bathing suits or belongings into! It was so nice to have all of these amenities readily accessible for us to use on such a special date night so that we didn’t have to stress about all the things we would need to bring with us! 

After the shower, we put back on our clothes and headed back out to the lobby area with the soft seating area and were immediately met by the beer therapists. They were so thoughtful and friendly throughout the entire experience and truly blew us away with their exceptional hospitality, they offered for us to hang out for a bit longer and drink a pint or two more of beer before leaving. We finished our tumblers of beer in the beautiful velvet chairs, then checked out at the front desk.

Ultimately, my husband and I are so happy to have spent our second wedding anniversary at Oakwell Beer Spa in such a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. We loved that it combined three of our favorite things; new experiences, cold craft beer, and a fun date night. It was such an amazing time for the two of us and we highly recommend that you check it out for a truly special Denver date. 

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