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Dec 13, 2023 • 4 min read • By: Polly Clover

Where to Take a Beer Bath in Denver for a Rejuvenating Experience


Interested in learning more about where you can bathe in beer and what it’s like? In this article, we’re sharing where you can take a beer bath in Denver, Colorado, for a rejuvenating spa day experience.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or you enjoy unique spa treatments, a beer bath is one of the best ways to treat yourself. Continue reading to learn more about the experience and benefits.

What is a beer bath?

A beer bath is a tub filled with warm water infused with beer’s main ingredients, hops and barley. Soaking in a beer bath is relaxing and offers skin and hair benefits.

Beer baths started many years ago in Europe. Today, they’re popular in the Czech Republic at party beer spas, but you can also find one in Denver, Colorado, that focuses on wellness.

Where to Take a Beer Bath in Denver

To take a beer bath in Denver, visit Oakwell Beer Spa, an award-winning day spa in Denver’s popular Five Points neighborhood.

Oakwell Beer Spa is the first of its kind and one of the most unique day spas in the United States. Owners Jessica French and Damien Zouaoui were traveling when they discovered a bubbly beer bath experience in Poland.

Fast forward a few years, and they opened Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver, which takes Beer Bath Hydrotherapy up a notch in a tranquil atmosphere with a rejuvenating spa experience. There’s even a craft beer taproom with a self-serve beer wall and other refreshing beverages.

Oakwell Beer Spa’s Beer Bath Hydrotherapy Experience

friends in the beer baths at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Spa Party Package, Oakwell Beer Spa

When you book a spa day at Oakwell Beer Spa, you get access to a private Beer Therapy™ Room, which holds up to two people. You can book two rooms for a larger group.

Your private Beer Therapy™ Room features:

  • A rain shower
  • An infrared sauna
  • A beer bath

During your Beer Therapy™ Room experience, you’ll spend 20 minutes sweating toxins out in the sauna. Then, you’ll rinse off in the rain shower. Finally, you’ll kick back in a warm, bubbly beer bath infused with hops, barley, and herbs for about 40 minutes. 

Your room also has everything you need to shower and get ready when you finish your spa services.

Note: Oakwell’s beer baths are unfermented and don’t include yeast. Think of it as a giant beer tea you’re soaking in, instead of drinking!

The best part? You can enjoy a delicious beverage from Oakwell Beer Spa’s taproom while relaxing in your beer bath. Choose from locally sourced craft beer, wine, cider, and kombucha. We also have insulated, stainless steel tumblers for you to use during your visit to keep your beverage cold.

You can also uplevel your spa day by adding on a Zero Gravity Massage experience.

man lying in a Zero Gravity Massage chair at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver
Zero Gravity Massage Experience, Oakwell Beer Spa

Beer Bath Benefits

Not only is taking a beer bath in Denver a fun experience, but it also helps the mind and body.

Benefits of soaking in a bubbly beer bath include:

  • Joint and muscle pain alleviation
  • Skin and hair nourishment
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Sleep improvements
  • Immune system boost

Joint and Muscle Pain Alleviation

If you experience joint and muscle pain, a beer bath might be your solution.

Research shows that warm baths increase muscle relaxation and reduce joint stress. As you relax in your beer bath and gravity pushing your joints releases, pain in the body decreases.

A warm beer bath also improves circulation, which loosens muscle tension and spasms.

Skin and Hair Nourishment

One of our favorite beer bath benefits is skin and hair improvements.

Beer ingredients are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that enhance your skin and hair. And soaking in warm water opens your pores to allow your skin to absorb these ingredients better.

Beer baths help:

  • Clean hair and improve shine
  • Smooth fine line and wrinkles
  • Wash away toxins for radiant skin

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Do you ever think of warm baths as self-care when stressed or anxious? If so, you’re onto something because a recent survey reveals that warm water hydrotherapy does improve mental health.

Oakwell Beer Spa’s cedar tub has an air bubbler system that produces thousands of tiny bubbles that offer a calming effect.

Hops, a beer ingredient, is also a natural sedative that encourages the mind to relax.

couple in a bubbly beer bath in Denver at Oakwell Beer Spa
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Oakwell Beer Spa

Sleep Improvements

Many people who have trouble sleeping schedule regular spa days to improve sleep. Beer baths support better circulation and relaxation, both of which are necessary for proper deep sleep.

Immune System Boost

If you get sick often or have a health condition, beer baths can boost your immune system.

According to Harvard Health, two effective strategies for improving your immune system are getting better sleep and minimizing stress. Beer Bath Hydrotherapy helps with both of these. It also improves your circulation, which plays a role in properly functioning organs.

Enjoy a Beer Bath in Denver at Oakwell Beer Spa

Beer Therapy ™ Room at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver
Beer Therapy ™ Room, Oakwell Beer Spa

Oakwell Beer Spa is the only place in Denver where you can enjoy a beer bath experience.

There are several spa packages to choose from:

  • Standard Beer Therapy™ Room: a rejuvenating spa session for up to two people
  • Date Night Package: a romantic spa experience for two with candles, rose petals, and chocolate
  • Garage Party: a fun, relaxing spa session for up to four people

Each option gives you 90-minute access to a private Beer Therapy™ Room with a sauna, beer bath, and rain shower. You can also add the Zero Gravity Massage experience for a full-body massage in the Relaxation Lounge.

If you’re ready for the ultimate relaxation in Denver, book your Oakwell Beer Spa experience. You can also purchase a gift card to give a spa day to a loved one.

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