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Take a Beer Bath in Denver: The Ultimate Relaxation Experience


Take a Beer Bath in Denver: The Ultimate Relaxation Experience

If you’re interested in taking (or learning about) a beer bath in Denver, you’re in the right place! Oakwell Beer Spa is a unique, award-winning day spa that offers a relaxing experience unlike any other. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about taking a beer bath and what to expect. Below, we’ll cover what a beer bath is, the experience at Oakwell Beer Spa, benefits, and more. Spoiler: You’ll be ready to soak and unwind in no time! You might also be interested in reading: What is a Beer Bath and Where Can You Take One in the US?

What is a beer bath?

A beer bath is a bath infused with beneficial beer ingredients. Depending on where and how you take your beer bath, the exact makeup and experience vary.  In this article, we’ll talk about a beer bath in Denver you can indulge in at Oakwell Beer Spa, a unique, award-winning day spa. This beer bath experience is a cedar tub of warm water infused with a crafted blend of hops, barley, and seasonal herbs. It’s much like taking a bubble bath filled with ingredients that offer wellness benefits, which we’ll share more about below. Note: Although a beer bath is infused with beer ingredients, there isn’t any yeast, and the mixture isn’t fermented. Want to make your very own beer bath at home? Check out this herbal beer bath tea!

Oakwell Beer Spa’s Beer Bath in Denver Experience

Oakwell Beer Spa, Denver, Colorado
Oakwell Beer Spa, Denver, Colorado
Oakwell Beer Spa’s signature treatment is the beer bath, which you can enjoy in a private Beer Therapy™ Room. In this room, you have access to your bubbly beer bath, an infrared sauna, a rain shower, and a wooden deck for relaxing.  The beer bath blend changes seasonally to include ingredients that maximize hair, skin, and mind benefits. You’ll relax while appreciating thousands of tiny calming bubbles from the tub’s air bubbler system. The Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, which you’ll enjoy before your bath, is the perfect way to rest and detox. It offers various health benefits, including better sleep, weight loss, pain relief, and detoxification. Note: The Beer Therapy™ Room is a modern, luxurious space that offers enough space for one or 2 people. You can also book a party package to combine a couple of rooms for more people.
Beer Bath Denver at Oakwell Beer Spa
Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Oakwell Beer Spa
This is what a Beer Therapy™ session looks like:
  • 20-minute infrared sauna session to sweat your toxin out and open your pores to prepare your skin to soak up all the advantages of your warm beer bath
  • A quick cold shower to keep your blood flowing
  • About 40 minutes relaxing in the beer bath
  • About 20 minutes to shower and get ready
You can enjoy your beverage (or a few) during your session in your Beer Therapy™ Room. You can either throw on the cozy robe and slippers to go refill your drink or use the ring bell system, and a beer therapist will top you off. A beer bath is a perfect gift too! Learn about Oakwell Beer Spa gift cards here.

Are beer baths good for you?

Yes, beer baths are good for you and offer many wellness benefits. While Oakwell Beer Spa’s beer bath in Denver is fun and relaxing, it’s also great for stress relief, joint pain comfort, improved skin and hair, better circulation, and muscle tension alleviation.
beer bath Denver at Oakwell Beer Spa
Beer Bath in Denver at Oakwell Beer Spa

Stress Relief

Have you ever felt amazing after a long, warm bath? Studies like this one show that whole-body immersion in warm water doesn’t only improve your physical health but also improves your emotional quality of life.  When the water is infused with hops, a main beer ingredient, and a natural sedative, you experience more profound relaxation and stress relief.

Reduce Joint Pain

If your joints ever bother you, a beer bath might be the answer you’re looking for. Warm water also acts as an anti-inflammatory and is an excellent remedy for joint pain. As you soak in a beer bath, the force of gravity pushing your joints is released, and the discomfort is alleviated. 

Improved Skin and Hair

Did you know beer is packed with antioxidants and nutrients? Vitamins found in barley, a beer ingredient, nourish the hair and skin, helping with shine. As you soak in warm water, your pores open up, allowing your skin to fully absorb the beneficial ingredients. These nutrients offer anti-aging properties, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and washing away toxins and bacteria for clean, radiant skin.

Better Circulation

As you relax in a warm beer bath, your blood vessels expand, and your blood flow improves. Optimal blood circulation is necessary for your overall health.  When blood and oxygen flow easily through the body, your organs can function more adequately. Your body can heal damaged cells and remove waste, leading to better sleep, focus, and recovery from illness.

Relieves Muscle Tension

With improved joint pain and circulation, you can also expect muscle tension relief when you take a beer bath in Denver. As your blood flows, the elasticity of connective tissues increases. This loosens spasms and tension around your muscles. Fun fact: Beer baths are great for people who participate in sports.

Other Things to Know About Your Beer Bath in Denver Experience

We understand a beer bath is new to many people, and we want our guests to know all the ins and outs to fully appreciate their experience.
Far Infrared Sauna at Oakwell Beer Spa
Far Infrared Sauna at Oakwell Beer Spa
Here are a few other important things to know before, during, and after a beer bath:
  • Hydration is essential.
  • No problem if you don’t drink beer.
  • Wear what makes you comfortable.
  • Beer baths for pregnant women or those with medical concerns.

Hydration is Essential

As you detox with spa treatments, dehydration can occur. Drinking water and staying hydrated will ensure you can reap all the benefits and feel great. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your spa services. While Oakwell Beer Spa’s self-serve taproom offers local craft beer and other tasty beverages, we recommend not overindulging in beer. Of course, having a couple of brews during your spa treatment is okay! Just don’t forget water too.

No Problem if You Don’t Drink Beer

We understand that not everyone is a beer drinker, or you might be in the mood for something else. You can also have wine, kombucha, cider, or other non-alcoholic beverages at Oakwell Beer Spa. Fun fact: You can sip your beverage in a double-wall stainless steel tumbler during your beer bath! 

Wear What Makes You Comfortable

The most important part of your beer bath in Denver is to be comfortable and enjoy your spa experience, so wear whatever you’d like! You can wear your birthday suit or a swimsuit. That said, the more skin you expose during your bath, the more nutrients you can soak in.

Beer Baths for Pregnant Women or Those with Medical Concerns

If you’re pregnant or have any medical concerns, it’s best to consult your physician to find out which spa treatments are safe for you.  At Oakwell Beer Spa, you can ask for a lower heat setting for the sauna and tub – just let us know! If you have any allergies, please let us know, as the herbal mix for the beer bath changes seasonally.

The Ultimate Beer Bath in Denver: Conclusion

A beer bath in Denver is one of the best ways to unwind and indulge in many wellness benefits like stress relief, enhanced skin and hair, better circulation, joint pain alleviation, and improved muscle tension. Oakwell Beer Spa offers a one-of-a-kind experience perfect for couples, friends, and get-togethers. The cozy taproom oasis is ideal for socializing, while the Beer Therapy™ Room and Relaxation Lounge (where the Zero Gravity Massage Chairs are located) offer rejuvenating spa treatments.  You can book your beer bath online or give us a call.

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