New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!

Beer Shampoo for Women (FAQ + The Best Beer Shampoo)

Not only is beer good to drink, but it’s also good for your hair. If you’re curious about beer shampoo for women and which products are the best, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll answer common questions about beer shampoo, including what it is and its benefits. We’ll also share our favorite beer shampoos. Related read: Beer for Skin & Hair: Benefits and Other Interesting Information

What is beer shampoo?

Beer shampoo has beer's main ingredients, hops, barley, and yeast. These ingredients are filled with vitamins and nutrients, including protein and various vitamins that offer many hair and skin benefits. People can use beer shampoo to nourish and strengthen their hair. It also helps enhance shine, stop hair loss, and promote hair growth. Not all beer shampoos are made the same. We suggest using a natural product with minimal ingredients to avoid unnecessary or harmful additives. Keep reading for our favorite beer shampoos that are perfect for anyone. woman in shower with beer shampoo for women on hand

Is beer shampoo for men or women?

Beer shampoo works great for anyone who wants to nourish and strengthen their hair. With various scents to choose from, there are options for everyone. Beers shampoo is for anyone who:
  • Experiences hair loss or has thin hair and wants more volume and hair growth
  • Wants to stop breakage and strengthen hair
  • Has dry hair and wants moisture and shine
  • Wants to get rid of dry scalp and dandruff
  • Has and wants to maintain healthy hair
  • Wants to avoid harmful ingredients 

Is beer shampoo good for ladies' hair?

Beer shampoo has beneficial nutrients, including protein and B Vitamins, that are good for anyone’s hair, including women. And according to the U.S. News Health, beer is 90% water and has “trace amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, fluoride, and silicon.” These all help with hair health. Here are the top reasons to use beer shampoo for women (and anyone!):
  • Strengthen hair
  • Promote hair growth
  • Eliminate or prevent dandruff
  • Encourage natural shine
  • Hydrate and reduce frizz
  • Alleviate hair loss
  • Deep cleanse hair

Strengthen Hair

Beer’s main ingredients are filled with protein, which helps repair damaged hair follicles. Beer’s vitamins also help repair and restore hair, making it stronger and more resistant to breakage. That’s right, you can say goodbye to constant split ends!

Promote Hair Growth

If you ever feel like your hair slowly or never grows, it could be because of damaged, unhealthy hair. If you’re dreaming of long, gorgeous locks, beer shampoo might be the answer. Because using beer shampoo for ladies strengthens your hair and follicles, your hair has a much higher chance of growing.

Eliminate or Prevent Dandruff

If you experience dandruff or want to avoid it, use beer shampoo because it’s hydrating. As beer ingredients nourish your hair, you can eliminate or prevent dry scalp that causes dandruff.

Encourage Natural Shine

Many products that help boost shine have harmful ingredients, but not beer shampoo. Using an all-natural shampoo with protein and vitamins found in beer shampoo can naturally nourish your hair and encourage shine.

Hydrate and Reduce Frizz 

Because beer shampoo’s nutrients are hydrating, you can reduce frizz. Yeast is especially powerful for nourishing your hair and managing frizz.

Alleviate Hair Loss

Hair loss can be incredibly challenging, and many products can make it worse. With a shampoo that prevents breakage and strengthens the hair, you can reduce hair loss and boost further growth.

Deep Cleanse Hair

If you're wondering if the smell of beer ingredients is worth all the other benefits, it is! Because beer shampoo (like the favorites we share below) has good-smelling natural ingredients, you also get clean hair that smells great. Related read: 7 Beer Shampoo Benefits (& The Best Strengthening Beer Shampoo) woman with hands in long hair

Things to Consider Before Buying Beer Shampoo

Before you buy beer shampoo, we recommend checking its ingredients. It’s best to opt for a natural beer shampoo with minimal ingredients.  Avoid chemicals and preservatives like sulfates, paraben, and synthetic colors and fragrances that can damage your hair. Beer shampoos with these ingredients are healthy for your hair:
  • Hops
  • Barley
  • Yeast
  • Amino acids
  • Natural scents like orange and vanilla
These help nourish, strengthen, and cleanse skin and hair. We also suggest choosing cruelty-free products to avoid harmful chemicals, reduce environmental footprint, and support animal rights.

Which beer shampoo is best for women?

Our favorite beer shampoo for ladies is Oakwell Beer Spa’s natural, cruelty-free shampoo. Best of all, you can share it with the whole family because it’s great for anyone! There are two options to choose from: the citrusy Moisturizing Beer Shampoo and the vanilla orange Strengthening Beer Shampoo. Both of these also have a conditioner to pair with them.

Oakwell Beer Spa’s Moisturizing Beer Shampoo

Best for all hair types, including color-treated [caption id="attachment_5239" align="aligncenter" width="580"]moisturizing beer shampoo for women Oakwell Beer Spa's Moisturizing Beer Shampoo[/caption] The Moisturizing Beer Shampoo is a creamy shampoo with a delicate blend of essential oils and botanical extracts. Its main ingredients are beer, aloe vera, silk amino acids, and honey. This moisturizing shampoo gently cleanses your hair while preventing dehydration and frizz. It also has a bright, citrusy, and fresh aroma. Buy your Moisturizing Beer Shampoo here.

Oakwell Beer Spa’s Strengthening Beer Shampoo

Best for dry, damaged, color-treated hair [caption id="attachment_5240" align="aligncenter" width="580"]strengthening beer shampoo for women Oakwell Beer Spa's Strengthening Beer Shampoo[/caption] The Strengthening Beer Shampoo will restore your hair to good health and encourage better volume and silkiness. It's infused with beer, cedarwood, wheat protein, and willow bark. Its oats, roasted barley, vanilla, and orange aroma is ideal for anyone. Buy your Strengthing Beer Shampoo here. You can also find natural beer conditioners here.

How many times should I use beer shampoo in a week?

While some people use beer shampoo daily, most hair experts recommend washing your hair 3-4 times weekly. Washing your hair too often removes natural oils that keep your hair healthy. Avoid this by washing it every couple of days or less. If you’re used to washing your hair daily or have oily hair, you might have to build your way up to fewer washes.

Beer Shampoo for Women: Final Thoughts

Natural beer shampoo for women is one of the best hair care products. It helps hydrate and strengthen hair for more shine, less breakage, and healthy locks. You can shop for Oakwell Beer Spa’s natural beer shampoo and other beer-infused products here. By: Polly Clover