Explore the Best Denver Murals and Street Art: A Complete Guide

One of our favorite and most unique things to do in Denver is exploring the lively art and cultural scene. With every part of the city filled with impressive art, we’ve created this guide to the best Denver murals.

In this article, we’ll discuss where you can find the best street art in Denver, Colorado. We’ll share a rundown of what each area offers and tips for seeing the best murals and graffiti.

Where to See Denver Murals and Street Art

From famous Denver murals to unique street art, it’s easy to spend days exploring the Mile High City’s colorful neighborhoods and districts.

These are our favorite places to see art throughout Denver, each area offering a unique vibe.

  • Art District on Santa Fe: experience a nationally recognized art and cultural scene 
  • Confluence Park: check out a smaller part of LoDo and a pet-friendly area
  • River North Art District (RiNo): enjoy the city’s trendiest districts
  • Five Points: appreciate laid-back vibes
  • Sunnyside: hang out in a charming neighborhood

Art District on Santa Fe

Best for: experiencing a nationally recognized art and cultural scene 

building with colorful mural of a lady's face and hair

The Art District on Santa Fe is where you can find Denver’s most vibrant art scene. This district is filled with street art, galleries, and theaters.

If you enjoy a quieter area where you can enjoy art in peace, the Art District on Santa Fe is the place to go. You can walk along Santa Fe Drive to appreciate this quaint, colorful area in Denver.

Tip: Start at Santa Fe Dr. and 8th Ave., then head towards 11th Ave. Street parking is usually available.

Confluence Park

Best for: checking out a smaller part of Lower Downtown (LoDo) and a pet-friendly area

Confluence Park is an ideal place to see Denver murals in a more peaceful, smaller area of LoDo. This picturesque park sits where Cherry Creek and South Platte River meet.

Around the park, you can find street art, benches, grassy areas, and walking trails. You can also grab coffee or lunch nearby to enjoy at the park.

River North Art District (RiNo)

Best for: enjoying Denver’s trendiest districts

RiNo is one of Denver’s most lively and artsy districts and is filled with unique shops, breweries, and restaurants. It’s also a short drive from the popular LoDo area. 

You can see murals all over RiNo. The main area runs along Larimer Street, with side streets and alleys also showcasing street art.

Every block in RiNo is filled with unique graffiti and street art, with plenty of places to stop and hang out along the way. You might even have the opportunity to stop and watch new art being created.

Five Points

Best for: appreciating Denver’s laid-back vibes

Five Points is a smaller neighborhood within RiNo, and it’s well worth a visit if you’re looking for a more relaxed experience. As one of Denver’s best up-and-coming areas, you can easily stroll around Five Points and explore Denver street art. 

There are also several cafes and even a unique, award-winning day spa in Five Points to check out while taking your Denver mural tour.

Tip: Explore RiNo, including Five Points, for an epic Denver experience.


Best for: hanging out in a charming neighborhood

If you’re looking for a place to stay during a Denver vacation where you can also explore street art, the Sunnyside neighborhood is ideal. 

Sunnyside is conveniently located a quick drive to the Mile High City’s most popular areas and a short walk to excellent cafes, restaurants, and breweries. 

You’ll spot fun street art and murals as you explore this quiet neighborhood. Be sure to check out Diebolt Brewing for local craft beer and Huckleberry Roasters for delicious coffee in a trendy space.

The Best Way to See Murals in Denver

We recommend exploring the areas above by foot, scooter, or bike to see the best of Denver's street art and murals.

Tip for those not getting around on foot: You can see ample Denver art by parking at the lot for the Denver Central Market. Explore several pieces of art in the area, then enjoy a bite to eat, drinks, or dessert at the market.

Each area below is ideal for a Denver mural tour. These locations are each walkable and located a 5 to 10-minute drive from the next. 

  • Art District on Santa Fe
  • Confluence Park
  • River North Art District (RiNo)
  • Five Points
  • Sunnyside

To enjoy the best of Denver’s street art, we recommend exploring one to two of these locations per day. 

If you’d like to take a guided tour to learn more about each piece of art and Denver’s history, check out Denver Graffiti Tour.

Denver Murals FAQ

To help you make the most of your experience, we’ll answer a few common questions about exploring Denver’s art scene.

Where is the best place to see murals in Denver?

While there are murals all over Denver, the best place to see many of them is throughout the River North Art District (RiNo). It covers a one-mile radius and is known as the area “Where Art is Made.” Walk along Larimer St. and nearby alleys and streets to see some of the best murals in Denver. 

Does downtown Denver have street art?

There isn’t much street art in the Denver downtown area. LoDo offers more city vibes, so we recommend heading nearby to other areas to explore Denver's art scene.

Confluence Park is on the edge of downtown and is a nice place to explore murals. RiNo and Five Points are a short drive away for incredible street art.

Is there a guided Denver mural tour?

Denver Graffiti Tour offers guided mural tours. You can enjoy a two-hour walking tour to explore about 20 colorful blocks throughout RiNo. You can also schedule a private tour for a party with flexible times.

Does Denver have an art district?

Denver has two art districts: the Art District on Santa Fe and the River North Art District (RiNo). The Art District on Santa Fe is a small area in the Lincoln Park neighborhood where you can find murals, galleries, and art shops. RiNo is a popular area filled with street art, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

When is the best time of year to explore Denver street art?

The best time to explore Denver, especially on foot, is during summer or fall. This is when the weather is nicest. For fewer crowds, you can opt for spring, but be sure to bundle up.

Enjoy Denver Murals

We hope this article has inspired you to explore and appreciate Denver street art and murals. With so much to see, we recommend choosing one or two areas at a time. This way, you can fully enjoy the art scene and other fun Denver activities