New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!
New Year's Package is now available. Come and celebrate New Year's at Oakwell Beer Spa!

March Tap Takeover at Oakwell Beer Spa: Ratio Beerworks

Are you looking for something to do in Denver in March? Look no further than Oakwell Beer Spa! Enjoy a peaceful spa day with tasty beers from Ratio Beerworks. Oakwell Beer Spa is a unique day spa that offers beer-inspired spa treatments. We partner with a local brewery monthly to share 5 of their best beers with our guests.  And if beer isn’t your thing, that’s okay. We also have other beverages! We’re so excited to be teaming up with Ratio Beerworks again. We shared their beers two years ago when we launched Oakwell Beer Spa, and now they’re back for our 2nd anniversary. We hope you’ll join us in this celebration too! Keep reading to learn more about Ratio’s delicious brews and Oakwell Beer Spa experience.

Fun Facts About Ratio Beerworks

Before we look at which delicious beers you can enjoy at Oakwell Beer Spa this March, let’s check out some fun facts about the brewery. [caption id="attachment_5143" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Ratio Beerworks at Oakwell Beer Spa Ratio Beerworks at Oakwell Beer Spa[/caption]  
  • Ratio Beerworks founders Jason zumBrunnen and Scott Kaplan met in Boulder in the 90s. They played in punk rock bands together, bonding over music and beers.
  • After successful careers in brewing, marketing, and finances, Jason and Scott teamed up again and set out together to work towards their most ambitious project – Ratio Beerworks.
  • The brewery opened in 2015 in Denver’s popular RiNo Arts District. Their 2nd location opened in Denver’s Overland neighborhood in 2022.
  • With 2 locations and a state-of-the-art 20-barrel system, Ratio Beerworks has doubled its brewing capacity with enough beer to go around. And it’s delicious!
  • While the brewery’s scene is all about beer, its art and music programs ensure to stimulate all the senses.
  • Over the years, several Ratio Beerworks brews have earned medals at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup.
  • Ratio Beerworks is passionate about creating an urban oasis where people in the community can get together over great beers. Their large pet-friendly atmosphere offers just this, where you can enjoy various beer styles, games, music, and comedy.
  • The brewery has even been named one of Denver's best outdoor drinking spots.

March Brews at Oakwell Beer Spa

From IPAs that taste incredible to easy-drinking beers, Oakwell Beer Spa is offering some of Ratio Beerworks’ best brews with you this March. 

Sparks Fly, IPA

Juicy IPA, 6.2% ABV Ratio Beerworks’ Undone Experimental Series created Sparks Fly, and the results were electrifying! This delicious juicy IPA features Mosaic hops and a kiss of Citra rounded out with a velvety finish. It’s the perfect beer to sip while you kick back at Oakwell Beer Spa. [caption id="attachment_5144" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Sparks Fly, Ratio Beerworks Sparks Fly, Ratio Beerworks[/caption]

King of Carrot Flowers, Saison

Carrot Elderflower Saison, 5.9% ABV If unique beers are your thing, you’ll love this carrot elderflower Saison. The King of Carrot Flowers features a ripe cantaloupe orange hue with subtle fruity citrus notes and nuances of pear, honey, coriander, and vanilla. It’s a vibrant and tasty beer to take your spa day up a notch. [caption id="attachment_5145" align="aligncenter" width="580"]King of Carrot Flowers, Ratio Beerworks King of Carrot Flowers, Ratio Beerworks[/caption]

Domestica, American Ale

American Standard Ale, 4.9% ABV This easy-drinking beer is inspired by the roots of American brewing and is an excellent introduction to craft beer. It even won a GOLD medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2021. The Domestica showcases the crispiness of the malt bill, low bitterness from the European style hops, and slightly higher carbonation offering similarities to a light lager. [caption id="attachment_5146" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Domestica, Ratio Beerworks Domestica, Ratio Beerworks[/caption]

Cityscapes, Mexican Lager

Light Mexican Lager, 4.8%  Another easy-to-drink and delicious brew from Ratio Beerworks is the Cityscapes. This light Mexican Lager pairs perfectly with a relaxing spa treatment. [caption id="attachment_5147" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Cityscapes, Ratio Beerworks Cityscapes, Ratio Beerworks[/caption]

Antidote, IPA

West Coast IPA, 7.0% ABV Ratio Beerworks’ brewers with California roots had to make this West Coast-style IPA, and it doesn’t disappoint! They dry hop Antidote with massive amounts of Centennial and Mandarina Bavaria hops to create a dry and bitter initial taste finished with a clean, crispy malt backbone. This is a go-to for IPA lovers! [caption id="attachment_5148" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Antidote, Ratio Beerworks Antidote, Ratio Beerworks[/caption]

March’s Beer Bath Blend at Oakwell Beer Spa

While you’re enjoying a tasty beverage from Ratio Beerworks, you can relax in a bubbly beer bath for ultimate wellness benefits. The Beer Bath Hydrotherapy is our signature spa treatment, where you can rest while your stresses melt away. The cedar tub is filled with warm water, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Herbs, hops, and barley create this relaxing, beneficial bath. The water temperature is set between 95-100° F to maintain all the herb’s advantages.   Each month, the bath blend changes to use ingredients from one of the featured beers on tap. This March, the bath will use El Dorado Hops with Pilsner & Roasted Barley Malt from Ratio Beerworks’ Antidote IPA. The bath will also have our herb of the month, Strawberry Leaf. This bath blend is the perfect combination to enhance your complexion, help even the skin tone, and ease any inflammation in the body. It’s also packed with Vitamin C to help boost collagen production and fight signs of aging. Whether you’re looking for skin improvements or simply want to relax, this beer bath blend is excellent for that!


Oakwell Beer Spa offers a one-of-a-kind spa day experience. Here are some answers to common questions so you can learn more about what to expect! [caption id="attachment_5149" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Oakwell Beer Spa Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Oakwell Beer Spa[/caption]

Can I really drink beer during my spa treatments?

Absolutely! Come to Oakwell Beer Spa to treat yourself to a spa day while sipping a delicious beer from Ratio Beerworks. Drinks are welcome in the taproom and your private Beer Therapy™ Room, where you'll enjoy spa services. The only place we ask guests not to take drinks is The Relaxation Lounge, where you can appreciate a Zero Gravity Massage.

What spa services do you offer anyways?

We aren’t your regular day spa, and our unique spa services are a testament to that. We offer Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna treatment, and a Zero Gravity Massage. At Oakwell Beer Spa, you have access to your own Beer Therapy™ Room, where you can find a relaxation deck, rain shower, infrared sauna, and cedar hydrotherapy tub.  We also have group and party packages. Learn more about those here!

How does the self-serve beer wall work?

The self-serve beer wall is one of our favorite features, and guests love it too! Best of all, it’s easy to use if you follow these simple steps:
  1. Unlock the taps on the beverage wall with the card we’ll give you when you arrive.
  2. Check out the rotating selection of Ratio Beerworks beers. We also have cider and wine if you’re interested in something else. You’ll find tasting notes and the price per ounce for each drink.
  3. Choose your drink, scan your card, and pour as little or much as you’d like.
  4. When you’re ready to check out, take your card to the reception desk to pay for the ounces you poured.

Can I just stop by for a beer without a spa treatment?

Please do! Our taproom offers cozy seating for guests to stop by, pour a beer, and hang out with or without spa services.

Does Oakwell Beer Spa have anything else to drink besides beer?

Yes, we offer more than just beer at Oakwell Beer Spa. We understand that beer isn’t everyone’s thing. Or sometimes you’re in the mood for something else. You can also enjoy wine, cider, kombucha, or tea.

Can I hang out in the taproom before and after my treatments?

Of course! We'd love for you to hang out in the taproom as long as you'd like. It's the perfect place to enjoy a drink, spend time with friends, and relax.

See You Soon at Oakwell Beer Spa!

We look forward to seeing you at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver in March. Ratio Beerworks is one of Denver’s best breweries, and we can’t wait to share their beers with you! You can book your spa day online. For questions or to book a party package, give us a call to schedule your appointment. By: Polly Clover