What better way to celebrate a special occasion than relaxing at a unique and fun day spa? Oakwell Beer Spa is the perfect place for a spa party in Denver.

Enjoy local craft beer and other tasty beverages, rejuvenating spa treatments, and a cozy but elegant atmosphere.

In this article, we’ll discuss spa party packages and why you should have your next celebration at Oakwell Beer Spa.

A Spa Party at Oakwell Beer Spa

Oakwell Beer Spa is an award-winning day spa in Denver. Its unique wellness experience and beer-inspired services are perfect for celebrating a special occasion while having fun and relaxing. 

There’s also an in-house event planner to help you plan the perfect private party.

A spa party is perfect for any celebration, including:

At Oakwell Beer Spa, you can enjoy a luxurious spa room, self-serve taproom, relaxation lounge, and vanity room.

Private Beer Therapy™ Room

Oakwell Beer Spa’s private Beer Therapy™ Rooms offer the perfect space to unwind and spend time with loved ones while celebrating a special occasion. 

Each room is comfortable for two people. However, the rooms are separated by garage doors, which we open for parties. This way, you have plenty of space for more people while enjoying your celebration together.

Each private Beer Therapy™ Room has the following:

  • Infrared sauna - Detox in a sauna that uses modern-day technology for healthy, healing heat. Infrared rays help you detox, sweat, and alleviate tense muscles. The saunas have benches, cup holders, and conversation cards, perfect for enjoying the sauna with a friend.
  • Rain shower - Rinse off after the sauna and shower when your spa party is complete in a luxurious rain shower stocked with beer-infused hair and skincare products.
  • Hydrotherapy tub - Soak in a cedar tub filled with warm water and a nourishing blend of hops, barley, and herbs. The tub also has an air bubbler system that creates thousands of tiny, relaxing bubbles.
  • Relaxation deck - The relaxation deck is ideal for unwinding, sipping a drink, and hanging out with your friends during your spa party.
Infrared Sauna at Oakwell Beer Spa
Infrared Sauna, Oakwell Beer Spa

Self-Serve Taproom

One of Oakwell Beer Spa’s best party features is the self-serve taproom. The space is elegant and cozy, with plenty of space for hanging out with friends. 

Each month, Oakwell features a local Colorado brewery and shares five of its best beers on tap. You can also enjoy wine, cider, tea, or kombucha.

You can hang out in the taproom before and after your spa party in Denver. There’s also a photo wall because every party needs fun pictures!

four men at Oakwell Beer Spa's taproom for spa party
Taproom, Oakwell Beer Spa

Relaxation Lounge

Top your spa party off with a full-body massage in Oakwell Beer Spa’s Relaxation Lounge, which offers outer space vibes.

Enjoy the Zero Gravity Massage experience in the Relaxation Lounge with chairs that use the latest robotics technology for a hands-off, therapeutic massage. Lie back, and the chairs do a body scan to customize the massage to each person’s shape, size, and acupressure point locations for optimal wellness benefits.

Privacy curtains separate the chairs, or you can keep them open for your party. It's easy to feel like you're drifting off into space as the chairs knead, tap, roll, and squeeze targeted areas of the body for the ultimate massage.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs at Oakwell Beer Spa in Denver
Relaxation Lounge, Oakwell Beer Spa

Vanity Room

The Vanity Room has everything you need to freshen up after your spa day, including hairdryers, mirrors, and skincare products. There are also restrooms for changing.

If you're extending your celebration after Oakwell Beer Spa, the Vanity Room is a great space to get ready.

Woman putting on makeup in the Vanity Room at Oakwell Beer Spa
Vanity Room, Oakwell Beer Spa

Oakwell Beer Spa Party Packages

For your party at Oakwell Beer Spa, you can choose from two spa packages. The Garage Party is for up to eight people, and the private party is for up to 35 people.

Garage Party

Five people having a spa party in Denver at Oakwell Beer Spa
Garage Party, Oakwell Beer Spa

The Garage Party is for a small get-together with up to eight people. 

With the Garage Party, you can book two, three, or four Beer Therapy™ Rooms for up to eight people. A garage door can join the rooms, so you'll have a few spa rooms with plenty of space for your party. 

Book a Garage Party to hang out, unwind, and enjoy a relaxing celebration.

Private Party

A private party gives you full access to Oakwell Beer Spa for up to 35 people.

You can enjoy the Taproom, Beer Therapy™ Rooms, the Relaxation Lounge, and other shared spaces at your leisure during your spa party. What better way to celebrate, spend quality time together, and enjoy a unique experience?

Contact us to book a private party, and our in-house event planner will ensure you have the perfect celebration.

People in taproom at Oakwell Beer Spa
Taproom, Oakwell Beer Spa

Why Have a Spa Party in Denver at Oakwell Beer Spa

Not only does Oakwell Beer Spa offer some of the most unique services in the United States, but the special party packages make for a memorable celebration.

Some of the best reasons to plan your spa party at Oakwell include:

  • Customizable group packages - Choose the spa party package that best suits your needs and add on items like sparkling wine, charcuterie boards, and decorations
  • Unique party idea - Not many people can say they’ve been to a spa party, but it’s one of the best ways to enjoy a new experience together
  • Delicious beverages - The self-serve taproom offers craft beer, wine, kombucha, cider, and tea
  • Luxurious experience - Oakwell Beer Spa is a relaxing space that feels luxurious with thoughtful decor and top-notch customer service, including a ring-bell service to your spa room for beverage refills
  • Inclusive environment - Everyone is welcome at Oakwell Beer Spa because everyone deserves a fun and relaxing spa experience

Spa Party in Denver: FAQs

Make the most of your spa party in Denver with answers to common questions below.

Can I plan a spa party as a gift?

You can either plan a surprise spa party or give a gift card for your recipient to plan it. All people attending will need to sign a waiver upon arrival at Oakwell Beer Spa.

What do you wear to a spa party?

Most people wear swimsuits to spa parties. You can wear whatever you’d like and change into your swimsuit at Oakwell Beer Spa for your spa treatments, or wear comfortable clothes over your swimsuit.

We offer bags for your swimsuits since they’ll get wet during your beer bath. You can also bring clothes to change into after your spa party.

Can anyone attend a spa party at Oakwell Beer Spa?

Anyone over 14 years old can attend a spa party at Oakwell Beer Spa. However, a parent or legal guardian must accompany those under 18 years old.

If one or more people in your group are under 21, you won’t be able to take alcoholic beverages in the private Beer Therapy™ Rooms.

Do you accommodate allergies?

If anyone in your party has allergies, please let us know before booking your party. We'll do our best to accommodate. 

How long in advance should I book a spa party?

We encourage you to book your party as soon as possible because our Beer Therapy™ Rooms book quickly. We typically open our schedule three months in advance.

Book a Spa Party in Denver at Oakwell Beer Spa

We hope you found this article helpful and are excited to celebrate your special occasion at Oakwell Beer Spa. A spa party in Denver is a fun and unique way to relax while spending time together.

Book a garage party online for up to eight people, or contact us to book a private party for up to 35 people.