Verboten Brewing at Oakwell Beer Spa: October 2023

If you’re looking for the best thing to do in Denver in October, look no further. Enjoy a relaxing spa day at Oakwell Beer Spa with local craft beer from Verboten Brewing. In this article, we’ll share what you can expect from the Oakwell Beer Spa experience and which delicious brews you can try alongside your spa day. We partner with a local Colorado brewery every month and share five of their best beers on tap. We also use hops from one of the beers in our rejuvenating beer bath blend.  We’re excited to partner with Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project this October!

Fun Facts About Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project

Vorboten Brewing logo Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project is in downtown Loveland, Colorado. Before we dive into which of their beers you can enjoy at Oakwell this October, let’s check out some fun brewery facts.
  • Verboten owners lived in Fort Collins, where they had some of the best breweries in their backyards. As they developed a passion for beer, they started home brewing and fell in love with the process and community.
  • The brewery’s name comes from the German word “forbidden.” It references the German beer-purity laws, which forbade brewers in the 15th and 16th centuries from using anything but water, barley, and hops in beers.
  • When Verboten moved to its downtown Loveland location in 2016, they added Barrel Project to the name to emphasize a passion for the art of barrel-aging beers. There’s usually at least one delicious barrel-aged option on tap.
  • All of Verboten Brewing’s beers are an exciting mix of traditional styles and experimental brews. Every Friday, they have a brand new beer for customers to try out.
  • Their beers have won several awards, including the 2017 Bronze at the Great American Beer Festival for their Little Nonsense, Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout. They’ve also won six World Beer Cup awards, three Festival of Barrel-Aged Beer awards, and ten US Open Beer Championships.
  • Their most awarded beers are Grow Old With You, an English Barleywine, and its barrel-aged counterpart, Double Oaked Cognac Grow Old With You.
  • Verboten’s most popular beer is the Thinking of Something Orange (TOSO), which you can try at Oakwell Beer Spa this October. 
two beers in Verboten Brewing glasses

October Brews at Oakwell Beer Spa

No matter what kind of beer you like, you’ll likely find it at Oakwell Beer Spa.  This October, we’re featuring Verboten Brewing’s Hazy IPA, Oktoberfest, Cold IPA, Pilsner, and Wheat Beer. We also have our year-round Gose, Cider, Kombucha, and wine.

Stealth Haze

Hazy IPA, 6.4% ABV Pair your spa day with this delicious, juicy IPA. The Stealth Haze is made with oats and wheat malt and hopped with over three pounds per barrel of El Dorado, Mosaic, and Citra. Sip and enjoy tropical fruits and citrus notes. [caption id="attachment_5405" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Stealth Haze, Verboten Brewing Stealth Haze, Verboten Brewing[/caption]


Marzen-Style Lager, 5.8% ABV What better way to enjoy fall in Denver than with a tasty Oktoberfest? Verboten’s Oktoberfest is hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Saaz hops. It’s light gold in color with a bready, toasty malt character. [caption id="attachment_5406" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Oktoberfest; Verboten Brewing Oktoberfest; Verboten Brewing[/caption]

Thawed Out IPA 

Cold IPA, 6% ABV If you like your IPAs crisp, you’ll love the cold-fermented Thawed Out IPA. It uses Cashmere and Cascade hops for a subtle touch of sweetness, a hint of lemon and pine, and zesty grapefruit notes. [caption id="attachment_5407" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Thawed Out; Verboten Brewing Thawed Out; Verboten Brewing[/caption]


Pilsner, 4.5% ABV Kick back and relax with Verboten’s Czech-style Pilsner. It delivers a crisp, balanced lager with a hint of floral, lemon zest, and herbal notes. [caption id="attachment_5408" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Pilsner; Verboten Brewing Pilsner; Verboten Brewing[/caption]

TOSO (Think of Something Orange)

Wheat Beer, 5.2% ABV Enjoy Verboten's iconic TOSO, an American Wheat with orange blossom honey and orange puree. This delicious beer has a refreshing, bright, and citrusy flavor – you’ll probably want another! [caption id="attachment_5409" align="aligncenter" width="580"]TOSO; Verboten Brewing TOSO; Verboten Brewing[/caption]

October’s Beer Bath Blend at Oakwell Beer Spa

Oakwell Beer Spa’s signature spa treatment is the Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, where you can enjoy a calming, bubbly beer bath. You’ll relax in the cedar hydrotherapy tub with thousands of soothing bubbles and a crafted blend of beneficial herbs, hops, and barley. The rejuvenating beer bath blend contains vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that offer many wellness benefits. This October, our beer bath blend uses Columbus Hops with Rahr Malt from Verboten Brewing’s TOSO Orange Wheat. It also has our herb of the month, Hawthorne berries. It’s easy to unwind in this therapeutic beer bath blend! Antioxidants in the berries protect your skin and help produce a natural glow. Anti-inflammatory properties will also help you relax your muscles and joints.


Let’s answer some common questions so you can come to Oakwell Beer Spa ready to relax differently! [caption id="attachment_5410" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa Beer Bath Hydrotherapy at Oakwell Beer Spa[/caption]

Can I really drink beer during my spa treatments?

Absolutely! Beer has properties that help aid in relaxation, so we encourage guests to sip beer (or our other beverages) while enjoying spa treatments.  When you arrive at Oakwell Beer Spa, you’ll receive a double-wall insulated stainless steel tumbler you can use in the taproom and private Beer Therapy™ Room. Your tumbler will keep your drink ice cold, even in the warm beer bath and sauna. The only place we ask guests not to take beverages is in the Relaxation Lounge, where you can enjoy a Zero Gravity Massage experience.

What spa services does Oakwell offer?

Unlike a traditional day spa, Oakwell Beer Spa offers unique spa services, including Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, an Infrared Sauna, and Zero Gravity Massage. Our spa packages let you relax differently for an unmatched wellness experience.

How does the self-serve beer wall work?

Our self-serve beer wall is one of our most exciting features. When you arrive, a receptionist will walk you through the process. That said, the self-serve beer wall is easy to use by following these simple steps:
  1. When you arrive, you’ll get a card to scan and unlock taps on the beverage wall.
  2. Explore the rotating selection of Verboten Brewing beers on taps. You’ll also find other drinks, including wine and cider. The beer wall shows tasting notes and the price per ounce for each beverage.
  3. Choose your drink, scan your card, and pour as much or as little as you’d like.
  4. When you’re ready to check out, bring your card to the receptionist to pay for the ounces you poured.

Can I just stop by for a beer without a spa treatment?

Of course! We love for guests to hang out in our cozy taproom with or without booking an appointment. The self-serve taproom is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy delicious beers.  The taproom has comfortable seating and conversation cards for a unique experience. Feel free to settle in with a drink and hang out solo or with friends for as long as you’d like.

Does Oakwell Beer Spa have anything else to drink besides beer?

We understand beer isn’t everyone’s thing, or sometimes you’re in the mood for something else. That’s why we also serve wine, cider, tea, and kombucha.

Can I hang out in the taproom before and after my treatments?

Please do! The taproom is ideal for kicking back and unwinding before and after your spa day. 

Relax Differently at Oakwell Beer Spa This October

We hope you’re ready to enjoy one of the best things to do in Denver this October. Oakwell Beer Spa is excited to share a unique spa day experience and five of Verboten Brewing’s best beers with you. Book your spa day online, call us, or stop by without an appointment to check out the Relaxation Lounge and taproom. By: Polly Clover