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A Practical Self-Care Sunday: 25 Ideas to Recharge


A Practical Self-Care Sunday: 25 Ideas to Recharge

We often hear and talk about taking bubble baths and binge-watching Netflix to indulge in self-care. While taking this time to unwind and recharge is essential, there are many ways to do it. We’re going to share 25 practical self-care Sunday ideas to help you feel revitalized and ready to take on a new week. Because what better way to spend a Sunday than by giving our minds and body the love they deserve?

Why self-care?

Research shows that regular self-care is essential for maintaining and improving our health and wellness. And, best of all, any activity that caters to feeling good is self-care! Intentionally setting aside time to focus on yourself (like a self-care Sunday!) can result in better physical, mental, and emotional health.

What can I do for self-care Sunday?

We’ve compiled a list of practical self-care ideas. Whether you’re looking to spend an hour or an entire day kicking back and recharging, there’s something for everyone! These are also great for doing alone, with your family, or with a friend. 

1. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea.

During a hectic workweek, how often do you get to truly enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea? Why not start your Sunday off slow and allow yourself to have a relaxed start to the day. Sit outside or cuddle up on the couch with your morning coffee or tea. We find this to be one of the best ways to set the tone for an awesome day!

2. Go for a walk.

Many people find it challenging to make time for a relaxing walk during a busy week. How about making a Sunday tradition to walk around your neighborhood or the park every Sunday morning, after lunch, or really whenever. Once this becomes a part of your Sunday self-care routine, it’ll likely become something you look forward to.

3. Enjoy brunch with friends or family.

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday brunch? Schedule a regular Sunday brunch with friends or family, and make a thing of it.

4. Treat yourself to a spa day (or hour).

With so many spa benefits, everyone deserves a spa day every once in a while! Book an appointment at your local spa or create a DIY spa day to enjoy at home. Set the mood with a cozy candle and luscious spa robe. A spa day is great because you can enjoy it solo or with a loved one.
spa day; self-care sunday
Beer Therapy™ Room at Oakwell Beer Spa

5. Have a phone call date with someone you love.

It’s easy for a lot of time to pass before catching up with that long-lost friend or your favorite aunt. Use your self-care Sunday to catch up with someone you love. Incorporating regular Sunday phone dates into your schedule is an excellent way to make sure you don’t lose touch with the people close to you.

6. Block out time for a hobby.

There are tons of benefits to having hobbies, even as adults. It allows us to destress, tap into our creative side, and can even improve our physical wellbeing. Whether you spend 10 minutes or an hour, make an effort to block out a specific time to enjoy a hobby. 

7. Cook a new recipe.

Have you been dreaming about a delicious recipe you saved months ago or craving something you haven’t had in a long time? Use your next self-care Sunday to cook a new recipe!

8. Plan your week ahead.

Not many things can prepare us for a peaceful and productive week like a good to-do list or schedule. If you don't usually go into your Monday morning with a plan for the week, we definitely recommend trying it out.  Tip: Prioritize your task and put your time and effort into doing what’s most important. This ensures you get everything done as best as possible without getting burnt out.

9. Reorganize.

Along with planning your week ahead, reorganizing is another way to refresh and recharge for a new week. This can be as small as reorganizing your desk drawers or as big as revamping your entire kitchen. 

10. Write a gratitude list.

Some people try to write a few things they’re grateful for each day but quickly find that it becomes the last thing on the to-do list. If that’s you, why not tie it into your dedicated self-care days? It can become natural to focus on the not-so-positive things, and getting into the habit of acknowledging what we’re grateful for (even the small things like a sunny day) can bring more joy into every day.

11. Appreciate some quiet time.

It’s not that often we even have the time or space to just be alone, quiet, and with ourselves. Use a few minutes or even longer to get some peaceful time to yourself. You can even tie this in with your Sunday walk by going without any devices and simply enjoying what’s around you. quiet time; self-care sunday

12. Watch a movie.

If your body and mind are craving a day of relaxing in pajamas with your favorite blanket and a good movie, take advantage of your day off and have a movie afternoon or entire day. Sometimes weekend self-care can turn into feeling like we need to be doing chores to be productive, but resting up is equally as constructive.

13. Create a bucket list.

Do you find it hard to figure out what to do when you have proper time off? Or maybe you're in a phase where you spend almost all of your time working, running errands, and getting chores done. Create a bucket list of things you dream about doing and that way you're inspired to do more, and you'll also have a list waiting for you when you do have free time – like on your dedicated self-care days.

14. Clean out and donate.

A cluttered home can be overwhelming and get in the way of productivity. A fantastic way to remedy this is by cleaning out and donating. Not only does this allow you to declutter, but donating items that others need can feel incredibly rewarding.

15. Be a tourist in your own city.

Use your Sunday to do and see things in your city that are popular for visitors but that you don’t always have time to appreciate for yourself. Find a list like this one for your own city and go exploring.

16. Or, take a day trip away from home.

If you prefer to explore a totally new place, spend your Sunday taking a day trip away from home. It’s not always so easy to plan longer vacations, but a day trip or two every month is more attainable and can be just as exciting.

17. Plan a date with your significant other, friend, or family member.

One of the easiest and most fun self-care Sunday activities is spending quality time with someone you love. Plan a date to reconnect with your significant other, friend, or family member. You could combine this one with being a tourist in your own city or taking a day trip away from home.

18. Go on a picnic.

Sometimes a simple picnic in your backyard or at your favorite is all you need to feel rejuvenated and at peace. Most of the time, all we really need are the little things!

19. Volunteer.

This can be a perfect Sunday activity if you're interested in giving back. Not only is volunteering gratifying, but research shows it can enhance mental and physical health. Taking the time to volunteer can improve depression, lower blood pressure, and even increase your lifespan.

20. Take a nap.

This one’s just that easy! What better way to recharge than by catching up on sleep?

21. Write and send a few greeting cards.

This one can be done instead of or alongside a phone date with a loved one. A fun and unique way to stay connected is by writing and sending some greeting cards. Not only can it bring you joy, but it can also be a treat for your loved one. greeting card; self-care Sunday

22. Spend time away from your phone.

This is one of our favorites! It’s not so simple to get away from our phones most of the time. With that said, we’ve all heard how important it is to unplug. It improves our mindset, relationships, productivity, and so much more. Sunday self-care days are the perfect time to incorporate this!

23. Visit a farmer’s market.

Many cities hold a regular Sunday farmer’s market, especially during warmer months. Check to see if there’s one near you, and make it a tradition to check out your local farmer’s market on Sundays.

24. Order your favorite takeout.

If you’re someone who usually cooks meals at home, treat yourself to takeout on your self-care Sunday. There’s not much better than ending a nice day without having to clean up your kitchen!

25. Go to bed early.

What better way to recharge than by going to bed early. Waking up feeling revitalized can be a game-changer for a new week!

Quick Tips for 5 Minutes Self-Care

Are you looking for practical self-care activities that won’t take a large portion of your day? Here’s a quick roundup of 5 minutes self-care exercises from our list above:
  • Enjoy your morning coffee or tea. 
  • Plan your week ahead.
  • Write a gratitude list.
  • Appreciate some quiet time.
  • Write and send a few greeting cards.
  • Spend time away from your phone.
We hope you’re inspired to treat yourself to a happy self-care Sunday! And, if you’re looking to give the gift of self-care, check out this list of thoughtful gifts.

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